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Razer ID Support


What is Razer ID?
You are a real ball of fire when it comes to gaming aren't you? Razer ID is what will differentiate you from other gamers! Having a Razer ID will endow you with tools necessary to assist you in maximizing your epic adventure.
Why should I use Razer ID?
With Razer ID, you will have access to tons of tools and resources essential in gaining a competitive advantage against other players. Just a quick customization of these tools and they'll relentlessly do the job.
How much will it cost me to use Razer ID?
Using your Razer ID won't cost you anything! Your being here tells us that you have the skills needed to make opponents want to rage quit, so there is no need to lump yourself in with those noobs who have to pay to win.
Where do I sign up?
You can sign up for a Razer ID by filling out the form on this link. You can also sign up using Razer Central's sign up page or any of the available social sign in buttons.
Where do I change my password or Razer ID name?
You can change your password or Razer ID name from your account page or by using Razer Central's Account page.
Where do I change my contact information?
Just like your password or Razer ID name, you can change your contact information by going to the account page and clicking the category of the information that you want to change.

Account Concerns

Where do I link or unlink a social network account to my Razer ID?
You can add or remove social account(s) from the connections page by either using the Razer ID Connections page on the web or through Razer Central's Connections tab.
How do I recover my password?
Simply enter your email address on the Password Recovery page and follow the instructions that will be sent to your email address.
I think someone hacked my account. What should I do?
Contact Razer Support immediately so we can help you out.
I think someone sent me a phishing email. What should I do?
Drop us a message and let us know.

Personal Data

How do I opt out of Razer email newsletter subscriptions?

You said it, we heard it. We now have a notification management page right in the core of your Razer ID for you to manage your email newsletter subscriptions. We made it extra convenient for you to easily unsubscribe from our emails at the speed of light. Should you wish to do so, simply:

  1. Sign in to your Razer ID account.
  2. Under the Contact section, click Notifications.
  3. Review your preferred email newsletter subscriptions.
  4. Save your preferences.

This can also be done from the email newsletter that you received.

  1. Click the Unsubscribe or Manage Subscription link on the footer of the email newsletter.
  2. Review your existing email subscriptions.
  3. Save the new changes.

Legacy Version of Razer Software / Apps

Why can't I change my account information such as password on my apps?

You might be running a Legacy version of our Razer software / apps. We have updated our server to fortify the security measures in an effort to keep your account safer. Listed below are the software and apps in each respective platform that will be affected by the change:

Razer Phone

  • Razer Theme Store 1.10.193 and below
  • You may download the latest version of this app from Google Play™ Store


  • Razer Cortex Deals 2.6.58 and below
  • • You may download the latest version of this app from Google Play™ Store


  • Razer Cortex Deals and below
  • You may download the latest version of this app from the App Store®

PC (Windows)

  • Razer Cortex and below
  • Razer Synapse and below
  • Razer Central and below
  • You may download the latest versions of these software from here.

Two Factor Authentication (TFA)

I'm unable to verify my code from my authenticator. Why is this happening?

The Date & Time setting on your authenticator's device settings may be out of sync. Please make sure that the Date & Time is set to automatic on your authenticator's device settings. To do this:

  • On Android: Go to Settings > Date & Time and then enable Use network-provided time.
  • On iOS: Go to General > Date & Time and then turn on Set Automatically.