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Razer Synapse Support


What is Razer Synapse?

Razer Synapse is our cloud-based unified configuration software that allows you to rebind controls or assign macros to any of your Razer hardware and saves all your settings automatically to the cloud.

No more tedious device configurations when you arrive at LAN parties or tourneys, as you can pull them from the cloud, and get owning right away.

I downloaded Razer Synapse and created an account, but I can’t log in.
Please activate your account by clicking on the verification link in the e-mail that was sent to your registered e-mail address. You should be able to log in once your e-mail address has been verified. If you are still having problems logging in, please contact our support team at
When I try to login to Synapse, I get a "Network Not Available" error or "Error 3802", what is the problem?

This issue is typically due to something blocking Synapse from communicating with our login servers. Please check the following if you having this issue.

  • If you have a firewall installed, please make an exception in the firewall to allow Synapse to communicate.
  • Some school/work networks can block our software from communicating and you would need to contact your local system administrator to allow the communication.
  • A VPN or Proxy setup on your computer can also cause this type of error.

If you have check the above and are still getting the same error, it would be best to try and narrow down where the actual problem is occurring.

If possible you may want to try another internet connection and/or another computer to see if you are having the same issues.

Synapse cannot update with error message prompt “Unable to Update: We are unable to update your software. Please check if your internet is connected, then click TRY AGAIN”.
Razer is currently working with Trend Micro on the whitelisting for Asus Router. Meanwhile, please disable the “Malicious Sites Blocking” setting by following the steps below.
  1. Open a web browser and launch the Asus Router’s Administration page. The URL for the Administration page is usually
  2. Login with your Admin name and password credentials.
  3. Click on the “AiProtection” link and the “General” sidebar to launch AiProtection page.
  4. Click on the “Network Protection” link.
  5. At the “Malicious Sites Blocking” option, click on the On / Off slider to toggle to “Off” state. Wait for the router to complete loading to ready state.
  6. Click on the “TRY AGAIN” button on the “Unable to Update” pop-up error to complete the installation.
  7. Once the Synapse installation / update completes, go back to the Asus Router’s AiProtection – Network Protection and revert the “Malicious Sites Blocking” option back to “On” state.
While trying to upgrade to Windows 10, I saw Razer Wizard installer pop-up.
If you encounter this, please close the installer wizard and complete your OS upgrade first. We recommend reinstalling Synapse using the link from our website after any upgrade to Windows 10.
Are there any special requirements to install Razer Synapse?
Razer Synapse requires "Microsoft .NET Framework 4" to be installed. In preparation for Razer Synapse, users are encouraged to download and install the "Microsoft .NET Framework 4" through the Microsoft Support Site. This operation may take more than ten(10) minutes, depending on your internet connection.
How is Razer Synapse an evolution of onboard memory?
Although Razer Synapse and an onboard memory both serve the same purpose (which is to provide a storage solution for user settings), Razer Synapse is not limited by storage capacity the same way onboard memory is. Unlike an onboard memory which has a physical limitation, Razer Synapse is able to save its settings to the cloud and provides virtually unlimited space for users. And because Razer Synapse is cloud-based, it’s a lot easier to transfer user settings from an old device to a new device whenever you upgrade.
Does Razer Synapse require an internet connection to function?
Razer Synapse only requires an internet connection for initial setup and installation of the latest drivers; online and offline modes are optional. In online mode, Razer Synapse will save and sync user settings to the cloud in real time whenever there is an active internet connection. In offline mode, user settings are stored on the computer. Switching from offline to online mode will automatically save and sync user settings to the cloud; providing a seamless user experience.
I have comments and suggestions that might be helpful to Synapse, how do I contact Razer? / How can I submit bug reports or feature requests for Synapse?
Synapse has a built-in feedback system. Please click on the “gear” icon on the top right corner of the configuration window and click the “Submit Feedback” button to access it. Here, you can choose the Razer product related to your feedback, your feedback type, and even include log files when reporting bugs.
Where can I find the user manual in Synapse?
User Manuals can be found in Razer Synapse by going to settings ("gear" icon on the top right) and selecting the relevant guide from "View Master Guide" dropdown and clicking the "View" button next to the list. If you want to access the user guide for a Razer product that has not yet been installed on your PC (or a Razer product that is not compatible with Razer Synapse), please visit and navigate to the product’s page to download its master guide.
I forgot my password, how can I reset it?
Please visit You’ll need to enter your e-mail address and successfully complete the image verification to prevent abuse. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address with instructions to reset your password.
How can I change the email address I have associated with Synapse?
Unfortunately, the e-mail address associated with your Razer ID cannot be changed at this time. However, you can create another Razer ID using a new e-mail address if needed and then use the import/export functionality on Razer Synapse to transfer all user profiles, settings, and macros to your new account.
Will my Razer products require Razer Synapse to function?
All Razer products function as plug and play devices. Razer Synapse offers a service above and beyond basic functionality to enhance your Razer product's capabilities. This includes features like configuring, managing, and cloud-syncing device settings. Razer Synapse also keeps your devices in optimal condition by automatically updating and downloading driver and firmware updates, as they become available. Razer Synapse is not a compulsory software for your Razer peripherals to work - but it is advisable to use Razer Synapse if you want to unlock your Razer peripheral’s full potential.
How much does it cost to use the Razer Synapse cloud service?
Absolutely nothing. Razer Synapse is a core software that supports all Razer peripherals, so it is instantly yours as soon as you purchase a next-generation Razer product. If you're interested in using Razer Synapse with your current Razer peripherals, please check out the current product compatibility list here for PC and here for Mac OSX to see if your device is Synapse enabled.
Does Razer Synapse track any data on my system?
Razer Synapse tracks vital system information like Operation System version, Razer device data (hardware and firmware revision), region settings, etc. This helps us maintain and support all current and legacy devices on all relevant platforms. This data is also utilized to improve our future software and hardware products. If you opt-in to Stats & Heatmaps, the gameplay data tracked by that application is also gathered.

Hardware Configurator

Can I set Razer Synapse to switch to a default profile after exiting a game?
Yes, you can. Synapse will revert to the last profile used BEFORE you launched your game, upon exiting the game. You can set a “default” profile to ensure it was manually selected before launching any other linked applications.
If I have more than one of the same Razer device, can Razer Synapse configure all of them at the same time?
Unfortunately, Razer Synapse currently supports only one of the same type at any one time. This means you can have multiple mice (e.g. one Razer Naga and one Razer Deathadder), but not multiple numbers of the same mouse (e.g. two Razer Naga Epic plugged in at the same time)
How do I use the Razer Synapse WoW Add-On Feature?
To use this feature, you must first sign into World of Warcraft to let Razer Synapse identify your account name; then select the check box to activate the Razer Naga Add On feature and identify the game's executable file. If you experience any issues with the Add On, you can check for the latest updates at and
How does Razer Synapse change the way I configure my Razer devices?
Razer Synapse was designed to unify your interaction with all your Razer devices on one single platform. Using Razer Synapse means you can access and configure all settings on all your Razer devices with just one application. It also means you never have to manually download and update drivers for each individual Razer product as Synapse will automatically keep the drivers for all your Razer devices updated. Synapse also syncs all your device profiles and settings to the cloud, so that you won’t have to manually configure them again when you use them on a different PC.
Can I configure one of my Razer devices to control my other Razer device?
Yes. Razer Synapse enables full inter-device communication, which means you can use one Razer device to change profiles, sensitivity or behavior of other connected Razer devices. To enable this functionality, please select a key or a button to remap and select the Inter-Device option in the “Key assignment” or “Button Assignment” pop-up menu. The list of all connected Razer devices and possible inter-device functions is available on this page.
How can I transfer my macros and profiles to another account?
You can transfer your existing profiles and macros to another account by following these steps:
Exporting from a source account:
  • Start Razer Synapse and log into the account where the macros and profiles currently reside. Navigate to the “Customize” tab for the device and click the additional options button (“3 dots” icon below profile selection list).
  • Select the “Export” option and choose all the profiles and macros you want to export for the product.
  • Click the “Export” button and save the export file using a name and directory of your choice.
Importing in a destination account:
  1. Start Razer Synapse and log into the account where you want to copy the profiles and macros. Navigate to the “Customize” tab for the device and click the additional options button (“3 dots” icon below profile selection list).
  2. Select the “Import” option and navigate to the file that was saved on step 3 and click the “Open” button.
  3. Your imported profiles and macros are now available on your destination account.
Please note that the import function does NOT overwrite any existing profiles on the destination account, it simply adds new profiles to the profile list. If you encounter any issues while exporting profiles and macros after following the steps listed above, please contact our support team at
How can I use On-The-Fly (OTF) Macro Recording functionality?
On-the-fly macro recording allows you to record macros in the game, without having to access driver menus or other software. To create a macro simply follow these steps :
  • Identify if your device supports OTF macro recording and locate the macro record combination for it (typically Fn + F9).
  • Press the macro record key combination to start recording.
  • The Macro Recording Indicator light on the keyboard will light up to show that the device is ready to record.
  • Type in the keys you want to record.
  • Press the “macro record” key combination again to stop the recording or the ESC key to cancel recording. The Macro Recording Indicator will start to blink to show that the device has stopped recording and is ready to save the macro.
  • Press the desired key where you want to save your macro.
  • Please note that On-the-Fly Macro Recording requires Razer Synapse to be installed and running on the background.
Which devices are supported by Razer Synapse?
All Razer systems and most Razer USB peripherals shipping today are Razer Synapse compatible. To verify if a particular device is Synapse compatible, please look for the Synapse icon on product boxes or check the official compatibility list here for PC and here for Mac OSX.
Will there be support for other legacy products?
The Razer Synapse architecture is capable of enabling backwards compatibility with Razer legacy products. Do you have a legacy product that you want supported? Let us know at
Does Razer Synapse require users to log in every time in order to configure their settings?
Yes, but you can simply bypass this if you select "stay logged in" on the login screen. The next time Razer Synapse boots up, it'll keep you logged in and won't prompt the sign-in dialog.
Can I synchronize the lighting settings on my Chroma products?
Yes, if you own two or more Razer Chroma products, you can synchronize their lighting. Simply press the circular “sync” button under the lighting dropdown for any of your Chroma devices.

Warranty Registration

I registered my product; do I still need to keep my proof-of-purchase?
Registering your Razer products for warranty helps you keep track of warranty for all your Razer products in a single location. However, in case you need to make a warranty claim to return/exchange the product, you will still be required to produce a proof-of-purchase. In some regions, Razer may offer warranty services even without a proof-of-purchase based on the date of purchase.
What are the benefits of registering my product via Synapse?
By registering the product via Synapse, you get a hassle-free way to keep track of the remaining warranty durations for all your Razer devices. Registering via Synapse also allows the customer support team to provide the best possible solution to any difficulties, and in some regions, allows a paperless warranty.
Can I register a product that’s not Synapse enabled?
Yes. You can use Razer Synapse to register devices even if they are not Synapse enabled (e.g. gear, earphones, and mouse mats). To register a new product, please go to the “Warranty Status” page beside your e-mail address located on top of the Razer Synapse window and select the corresponding option. Select “Add Device” in the popup window, select the product type from the dropdown list, and follow the on-screen instructions to register the product.

Stats & Heatmaps


Which devices are supported on Stats & Heatmaps?
All Razer Keyboard and Mouse products compatible with Synapse are supported by Stats and Heatmaps application. Look out for the Synapse icon on the product box! If you are using a non-Razer make keyboard with a supported Razer mouse (or vice versa), the data will not be tracked for the non-Razer device and corresponding heatmaps will display a sample image.
Is Razer: Stats & Heatmaps available for Mac?
Stats & Heatmaps is currently only available for Windows users, however, Mac support is planned for a future release.
My game is not showing up in the list.
We are constantly adding new games to the list of games that can be automatically detected. However, if your favorite game isn’t being automatically detected yet, you can still use the Stats & Heatmaps application with the game by manually adding it to the game list. To manually add games, click the “+” button under the games list and navigate to the game’s executable file. Also, please let us know by using the feedback option in Razer Synapse, so that we can add the game top of our priority list.
My game is showing in the list, but doesn’t have a nice game artwork.
We are constantly updating our catalogue of game artwork. However, if you don’t like the game art that is automatically displayed in the game list, you can select a custom artwork by selecting the game in the game list, clicking the Edit option (pen icon) under the game list and selecting a custom image to be used as the game’s artwork.
I can’t seem to track my stats in my game despite it showing in the game list.
Please ensure that data tracking is turned on before playing the game. If data tracking is turned on and you still cannot track stats for the game, please send us feedback through Razer Synapse, so that we can add support for the game in the next release.
I can’t see the games list. Where can I find it?
You can unhide (or hide) the games list by clicking the symbol with 3 horizontal lines (found just below the Stats and Heatmaps icon).
All stats are displayed in inches and not in meters (or the other way around). How can I switch to Metric/Imperial System?
You can choose between Metric or Imperial measurement systems by going to the settings page (Gear icon on the top right of the window).

Heatmaps & Sharing

The screenshot in my heatmap is very generic and doesn’t show my race/avatar/champion. Can I use a different one?
Yes, the application allows you to pick a custom screenshot for your heatmaps. To do so, click the edit button (pen icon) on the bottom left of the image and choose the option to replace image. You can then browse your computer to choose an alternate background image for heatmaps.
I can barely make out the screenshot under all the colors/lines of my clicks/movement. Can I improve that?
To get the perfect visibility, you can adjust the heatmap transparency and color by going to the edit option on the bottom left of the heatmap image.
All my mouse clicks seem to be in the center of the screen. Am I doing something wrong?
This is the expected behavior with some games (mostly First-Person Shooters) that lock the mouse pointer in the center of the screen. This may result in all clicks getting registered at the center of the screen. If you believe this behavior is unexpected for a certain game, please send us feedback through Razer Synapse so that we can look into the issue.
I want to save my heatmaps but not share them immediately. Can I do that?
Yes. You can save your heatmaps to the desired location on your computer by going to Share button on the bottom right of the Stats & Heatmaps application and clicking the “save” option.
Is Razer going to post anything on my behalf for syncing my FB or Twitter account?
Razer Stats and Heatmaps application will only post to Facebook or Twitter when the user manually chooses to do so. The application will not post or sync any data to any social network automatically.
The stats show up instantly but the heatmaps take time to load. What is the problem?
The heatmaps are processed and generated fresh from the tracked data every time. This typically takes a few seconds based on how much data needs to be processed. If you think that the load times are extraordinarily high, please send us feedback through Razer Synapse so that we can help you.


I don’t want Synapse to track anything. How do I make sure it doesn’t?
Data tracking is an opt-in feature i.e. it is turned off by default. To ensure data tracking is turned off, please go to the settings page in Stats and Heatmaps (Gear icon on top right) and select “Off” option under “Data Tracking”. You can also clear previously tracked data by clicking the “Reset Data” button.
What will Razer do with the tracked data?
The tracked data is used to provide interesting statistics and heatmaps to the users that can be filtered by game, duration and devices. Razer will also aggregate Stats and Heatmaps data and periodically share it using social media channels. This data is also utilized to improve our future software and hardware products.
Will it track what I do when I’m browsing?
No. Razer does not track any data while the user is browsing. The application only tracks data while the user is playing one of the games in the game list.
Will Razer be able to see my password and everything else I type?
No. The application only tracks data while the user is playing one of the games in the game list with data tracking enabled. Additionally, the application only tracks the number of times each key has been pressed. It does not track the actual text that the users type in-game, so anything you type in-game including private chats, in-game conversation, passwords (although, we advise you against sharing your personal passwords over the internet) are not visible to Razer.

Chroma Apps

How can I enable or disable Chroma integration with my games?
To switch our Chroma integration on and off, navigate to the Chroma Apps tab in Synapse and toggle the “Chroma Apps” option. You can verify which games and applications are connected to Chroma Apps by viewing the Apps List in Synapse.
When I launch a game, my Chroma devices display different effects than I had previously set.
You may be experiencing one of our official Chroma integrations in your game. You can check out the Chroma Workshop for more information on supported games, and tier included effects here If you do not wish to experience these effect and would rather use your personal settings, simply navigate to the Chroma Apps tab in Synapse and disable the “Chroma Apps” setting.
Are Chroma Apps just for games?
No, there is actually a wide variety of other applications and preset lighting profiles available for use at Razer Chroma Workshop and you can even submit your own creations!
I need help or have feedback for one of the Chroma Apps.
The apps and profiles you can find on the Razer Chroma Workshop are not developed by Razer. These are designed by third parties and we are only able to provide limited feedback and support for these applications. You may consider contacting the game or application’s developer directly with your feedback.
I’m a developer and would like to add Chroma integration to my game or application.
More information about the Chroma SDK can be found at Razer Chroma Developer Portal.