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Razer Synapse for Xbox Support

  Can I have two(2) of the same products configured separately on Synapse for Xbox?
  Yes, and not just 2! Synapse for XBOX can detect and allow up to 4 controllers to be configured individually.
  Can I use Synapse for Xbox when I am not connected to the internet?
  Wolverine Ultimate controller supports offline mode that allow you to save up to 2 profiles on hand via the devices’ on-board storage. However, for optimal using experience and enjoy up to 500+ profile creation we recommend you connect to the internet for profiles configuration. 
  Does Synapse for Xbox have any cost or subscription fee?
  No, Synapse for Xbox is a free-to-use software without any subscriptions tied to it, it will always be free-of-charge.
  How to change app language?

App language will change according to your system language or default input language automatically. If it does not change automatically please try below actions:

  • Logout and login your xbox live account again.
  • Reinstall app. 
  How do I submit feedback to Razer on Synapse for Xbox improvements?
  Please help to contact us here. We are happy to know your feedback.
  What are Chroma effects?
  Chroma effects are Chroma lighting profiles that can be chosen from the Synapse for Xbox app including Breathing, Immersive, Reactive, Spectrum Cycling, Static and Wave effects. You can also create your own palette from 16.8 million colors available.
  Can I import/export Chroma effects to other devices?
  Chroma lighting effects on Synapse for Xbox are specially and solely created for Razer Wolverine controllers for best lighting effects presentation. Thus, we don't support the import/export function to other devices.
  Can I use the Remap and switch profile buttons of the Quick Control Panel when I am using the Synapse for Xbox app at the same time?
  To avoid any confusion when the Synapse for Xbox app is active, the Remap and switch profile buttons of the Quick Control Panel is deactivated. They will be activated back when the app is closed (press B at the home page to exit app) and active profile will revert to on-board profile.