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Razer Cortex PC: Paid to Play Support

What is Razer Cortex PC: Paid to Play?
It is a program created to reward gamers for launching and playing games via Razer Cortex PC.
Why did Razer brought back Paid to Play?
You gave your feedback, we listened. We recognize our loyal fans, hence, we are giving you more opportunities to get rewarded from doing what gamers enjoy— playing games.
Will Paid to Play PC be temporary or long-term?
This app is currently planned to run on a long-term, together with other rewarding Razer Silver programs for our users. Hence, we hope to receive your positive support to run Paid to Play Mobile on a permanent basis.
What devices support Razer Cortex PC: Paid to Play?
Razer Cortex PC: Paid to Play can be run on a Windows system. It supports Windows 7 SP1+, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. Get the latest version of Razer Cortex here.
How does the new Cortex PC: Paid to Play work?
Users who join Razer Cortex PC: Paid to Play campaign and launch the program to play a selection of games will be rewarded with Razer Silver.
How much Razer Silver can I rack up per gameplay?
Currently, you will be able to earn 50 Razer Silver from any of our supported games after 10 minutes of gameplay. This excludes bonus campaigns such as double multiplier campaigns or more. Please stay tuned as we'll release more exciting earning activities within Razer Cortex PC.
Will there be any other earning campaigns within Paid to Play and the Cortex PC?
Yes, to sync your Steam account and wishlist to Razer Cortex PC, you'll be rewarded with 50 Razer Silver.
What is Razer Silver?
Razer Silver is the global loyalty reward credits for gamers. You can earn Razer Silver through actively participating in Razer software like Paid to Play and more to redeem exclusive rewards.
Are there other ways of earning Razer Silver other than participating in Paid to Play PC?

Yes! Below are other ways which you can rack up Razer Silver to redeem rewards. Stay tuned as we’ll introduce more activities to earn Silver soon.

Is there an expiration date to all Razer Silver earned from Paid To Play PC and/or other methods?
Yes, there is a 12-month validity period from the date of Razer Silver earned and claimed. You are encouraged to redeem your rewards before the Silver expiration reaches 1 year.
How and where can I check my total Razer Silver balance, including the ones that will expire soon?
Simply log in with your Razer ID here and click on “Verify” on the top tab. Upon successful verification, you will be able to view your updated transaction histories and account summary.
What are the rewards that I can redeem with Razer Silver?
Once you’ve earned enough Razer Silver, you will be able to redeem Razer products, digital rewards such as games, vouchers, and more. View the full rewards catalog here.
Which games are currently supported for Paid to Play in Cortex PC?

Below are the latest games currently supported by Paid to Play. Fret not, we will always be recommending more games bi-weekly for you to download, play, and get rewarded. Stay tuned for more soon.

  • CrossFire
  • More supported games will be introduced in the following weeks.
What if I already have the supported game pre-downloaded on my PC? Will I still be able to earn Razer Silver from playing the game?
You should launch Razer Cortex, then launch the game via Razer Cortex as well.
Can I still earn Razer Silver from the Paid to Play game if I did not launch the Cortex PC first?
Unfortunately, no. Cortex PC will not be able to track your gameplay time if not launched and running on your PC. We highly recommended not to close the Cortex PC while playing the supported game.
Will there be more PC games supported in the future?
Of course. The list of supported games will continue to grow over the coming weeks. The criteria for inclusion will be based on participation on the Cortex PC and selected game partners. Stay tuned!
Which countries are eligible for Paid to Play?
Good news, the rewarding program is applicable for users worldwide to play and earn Razer Silver.
What happens if there is a crash during a game session?
Razer Cortex PC continually logs the duration of a game session while playing. If the game were to crash, you may relaunch the game to check your supposedly earned Silver from Paid to Play. Please contact our Razer Customer Support if you face any technical issues.
What data does Razer collect and does it share that data with any partners?
You will be prompted for consent on the use of data upon creation of Razer ID and subscribing to our marketing updates. Razer collects data provided on signing up with a Razer ID account as well as software usage and gaming activities tracked through Razer Cortex Mobile. Personal details are not shared with 3rd parties unless explicit consent is obtained from the user. Credit card information is strictly not stored by Razer.
What if I have any other issues or further inquiries on Cortex PC and Paid to Play?
We'll be glad to assist you. Please contact our customer support here.