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Razer Cortex Support


What is Razer Cortex?

Razer Cortex brings enhanced gaming performance, system performance, and the ability to discover the best gaming deals on a single platform at just a click away.

I downloaded Razer Cortex and created an account, but I can't log in.
Please activate your account by clicking on the verification link in the e-mail that was sent to your registered e-mail address. If the email doesn't appear in your inbox, don't forget to check your spam folder. You should be able to log in once your e-mail address has been verified. If you are still having problems logging in, please contact our Support Team at
Does Razer Cortex require Internet connection to function?
Razer Cortex requires an Internet connection to login. Once logged in, you no longer need an Internet connection to use most of the features on Razer Cortex.
How much does Razer Cortex cost?
Absolutely nothing! We are providing this software as an added value to all our Razer fans/community for their continued support and dedication to Razer.
I am a Razer Cortex user, how can I provide feedback?

We appreciate your feedback. To send us a report, please open Razer Cortex and click your avatar in the upper right corner,  then select Feedback from the drop-down list.

What languages does Razer Cortex support?
At the moment, we support English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Korean and Japanese. If you want us to support other languages, please send us a feedback and we'll see what we can do about it.
Where can I find the user manual in Razer Cortex?
You can access the Razer Cortex user guide by heading to the Settings menu (cog wheel icon on the top left) and click "About", then select the User Guide option. Alternatively, you can download the User Guide here.
I forgot my password, how can I reset it?
Please visit You'll need to enter your registered e-mail address and successfully complete an image verification test. An e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address with instructions to reset your password.
How can I change the email address I have associated with my Razer ID?

To change the email address associated with a Razer Cortex ID, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open Razer ID,, or Razer Central and go to the Account tab in the top bar.
  2. Click within the "Email" field.
  3. A 2-Step Verification code will be sent to your email.
  4. Open the current email address associated with your Razer ID and look for the email titled Razer ID: 2-Step Authentication.
  5. Enter the code found in the email and click Verify.
  6. Under Change Email, enter the new email you want to use and click Change.
  7. Check your Email inbox for the verification email from Razer, then click the provided link in the email. Note: if you did not receive any email, click resend email link to send the account verification email again.
  8. Return to Razer Central and refresh the page. Your Razer ID account will now be using the new email address.


One of my games isn't showing up in my Games section, why is this happening and how can I add it?

Upon startup, Razer Cortex automatically scans your PC for installed games. If your game isn't showing up, it might not be supported. To manually add games select the "Plus" icon under "Game Booster" tab. If your game doesn't appear in the list of known applications, click "Folder" icon to import the .exe file of the game you want to add.

How can I customize my Games tab?

You can customize both the game tiles' appearance and the order in which they are displayed. To change the appearance of your game tiles, click on the game, and select the ellipsis icon. You can change the cover art, add a cover art, and even change the title if you're feeling creative.

To mark a game as a favorite, click on the game tile and select the "Star" icon. Your favorite games will be shown before other games in your library.

How are games ordered in my Games tab?
Games are firstly ordered by favorites and non favorites. Within each category games are ordered by total time played, with the most recently played games showing first. If there isn't game time logged in to your games, they will be alphabetically ordered.


What is Razer Cortex: Deals?
Razer Cortex: Deals is a price comparison engine that tracks gaming deals and shows you the prices of digitally downloadable games across the top online game stores. A game's best price is clearly highlighted allowing you to save both time and money.
How often are prices scanned?

In order to make sure you are looking at the latest prices, Razer Cortex Deals scans the stores every 15 mins. At times it can take much longer for Cortex to update if there are a large amount of recent game price-changes.  

What stores does Razer Cortex: Deals scan?

Prices are compared for games on the following stores in the US region:

  • Amazon
  • Green Man Gaming
  • GamersGate
  • Origin
  • Steam
  • Paradox
  • Indiegala
  • Uplay
  • Fanatical
  • Battle.Net
  • Humble Bundle Store                  
  • Chrono.GG
  • Razer Game Store
  • Nuuvem


Why can't I buy games on Razer Cortex: Deals? 
Because Razer Cortex: Deals is a price comparison engine, the purchasing portion is left to the stores themselves. The objective of Razer Cortex: Deals is to give you a clear and unbiased view of where to get the best price for your games.

Game Booster

How does game boosting work?

When you launch a game or manually trigger boosting, Razer Cortex temporarily shuts down processes your computer doesn't need to run when gaming, freeing up processing power and restoring them once you exit your game or return to normal mode.

Is there a way for me to control what processes Game Booster shuts down during game play?
Yes, head to Boost to see the list of affected processes. Recommended settings are set by default but you can customize the boosting behavior and select each process that is shut down based on your own preference. If you feel lost with all the tinkering, just flip it back to Recommended settings to go back to default.
I am unable to boost a certain game with Razer Cortex. Help?

We are continuously improving compatibility with all games, but a quick solution would be to use the manual "BOOSTER NOW" button.

Do I need to launch my game from Cortex for automatic Boosting to work?
No. As long as your game is recognized by Cortex and Automatic Boost is switched on (default), you can launch your game from Cortex, the start menu or via desktop shortcut with Boosting enabled automatically.
Why should I defrag my game files?
Defragging your game files will improve loading times for your games. When using Defrag, Razer Cortex efficiently organizes game data on your hard drive in the same location. A word of caution though, if you are using a Solid State Drive (SSD), defragging is not necessary or recommended.

What does the diagnostic report consist of?

The Diagnose tool generates a detailed report of your system's components, settings and configurations.

If you're well versed in the ins and outs of your PC this is a great way to get an overview of your computer.

If your knowledge of your hardware isn't so extensive but you're looking to upgrade components, the Diagnose tool is a useful list to show an expert for advice on where your computer needs improvement.