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Razer Arena Support

Common Questions

Why is Razer retiring Razer Arena from its software offering?

The platform was groundbreaking when it launched, and it ran its course. Razer's enduring software business strategy is focused on Razer Cortex, zVault, and other integrated services.

When will Razer Arena completely cease its services?

Razer Arena will cease on May 25, 2017.

Since Razer Arena has been shut down, does this mean Razer is no longer interested in e-sports?

It does not mean that. Razer will continue to work with its e-sports teams to deliver exciting tournament performances, as well as design and validate hardware for gamers.

Where can Razer Arena users go after it shuts down?

Users may continue to interact with gamers as well as engage with the Razer community via our social channels such as the official Facebook, Twitter, and Razer Insider.

How do I earn zSilver without Razer Arena?

Users may continue to earn them through the purchase of zGold from zVault, on Razer Insider, or on Razer Cortex’s Paid-to-Play initiatives.

Note: zSilver has now been updated to Razer Gold. You can learn more about it on the Razer Gold website

What will happen to our zSilver now that Razer Arena is gone?

Nothing will happen to your zSilver. You can check and access them from Note that zSilver has been upgraded to Razer Gold.

Can we still expect to have tournaments hosted and sponsored by Razer?

Yes. Gamers can expect Razer's involvement in tournaments – from tournament setup to prize sponsorships.