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Razer Nabu X Support

Common Questions

Is the Razer Nabu X compatible with a Windows Phone?

Not right now. Functionality is too limited to be considered consumer-ready (i.e. SMS notifications only, no Pulse, Hi-Five, etc). It is due to the Windows Phone architecture which makes it challenging to get to the same degree of integration as we can achieve with Android and iOS.

What Android devices are compatible with the Razer Nabu X?

The Nabu X is generally compatible with devices that use Android 4.3 and above. However, it has been tested to work with these devices:

  • Razer Phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4/4 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Note S5
  • Sony Xperia Z1/Z2/Z3
  • Nexus 5/6
  • HTC One
  • HTC One M8
  • LG G3
  • Xiaomi Mi3/Mi4
  • Oppo Find7

We are constantly working to add more devices to this list, so check again later if your device is currently not supported.

Is the Razer Nabu X compatible with older versions of Bluetooth?

The Nabu X has been tested with Bluetooth 4.0 and is generally compatible with all devices that use Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 7 and higher.

How often does the Razer Nabu X sync with my phone?

The Nabu X will constantly sync to your phone every 5 minutes, as long as both are powered up and are connected to each other.

Do I need to manually sync my Razer Nabu X with the Nabu app every day?

No, you do not need to manually sync it every day. If your phone is powered down or not within a range, the Nabu X will keep your entire fitness and sleep data for up to 5 days. Once your phone is available, the Nabu X will automatically upload any stored data to your account.

How do I read the graph on the Razer Nabu X's fitness application?

Within the Fitness app, tap on the metric (steps, KM, calories, and more) to bring up a detailed graph.

If I am away from my phone and I have lost Bluetooth connection to my Razer Nabu X, how long will the Nabu X store my fitness and sleep data?

The Nabu X will store your data for up to 5 days. The next time you establish a Bluetooth connection to your phone, all the data in your Nabu X will sync with your account.

Can I adjust the vibration intensity of the alarm independently of the other notifications on my Razer Nabu X?

No, they will all share the same intensity.

Does Razer Nabu X support iPad?

No. Razer Nabu X currently does not support iPads.

How can I try this new "Handshake" gesture on the Razer Nabu X?

A new firmware update should have been sent to you along with an update to the Nabu X Utility app. Ensure to have the Handshake feature activated under Social Settings in order to use it.

How do I find the third-party apps that work with the Razer Nabu X?

You can find the third-party apps on the Utility App's "Marketplace" tab.

Simply select the app you wish to install from the list and it will automatically launch the iTunes App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) for you to download the app.

How do I reset my Razer Nabu X?

To reset, quickly double-tap the module 5 times and then when the LED indicators change to all three blue lights, shake the Nabu to accept the reset.

What Apple devices are compatible with the Razer Nabu X?

The Nabu X is generally compatible with devices that use iOS 7 and above, however, it has been tested to work with these devices:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus


I am having trouble keeping the Razer Nabu X connected to my smartphone, what can I do?

If you are having trouble keeping the Razer Nabu X connected to your smartphone, you can try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart your smartphone's Bluetooth
  • Remove the Nabu X from the Nabu Utility app and re-connect
  • Forget Nabu X from your smartphone and re-find the device during scan again.

After trying each of the steps above, send a test notification to the Nabu X (Device > Details > Send Test Notification) to see if notifications work.

If you have done these steps and you are still having trouble keeping the Nabu X connected, contact Razer Support for further assistance.

Why does my Razer Nabu X not Sync or receive notifications again after a Firmware Update via my iPhone?

If your Nabu X is not Syncing properly or has stopped receiving notifications after a Firmware update, try the following:

  1. Restart your Device’s Bluetooth
  2. If that does not work, go through the following steps:
    1. Force quit the Nabu app by following these steps:
      1. Tap the Home button twice on your iPhone to display recently used apps
      2. Swipe up to remove the Nabu app from the list
    2. Remove the Nabu X from the iPhone’s Bluetooth Settings
    3. Re-launch the Nabu app
Note: You may need to log back into your account after the Force quit

Why is the Razer Nabu X not charging?

Many factors can contribute to the Nabu X's battery not charging, including:

  • Dirty charging contacts.
  • Faulty charging sources (e.g. USB port or plug).
  • A defective USB charging cable

Please go through the following steps:

  1. Clean the charging contacts by using warm water and a cotton swab. Carefully clean the charging contacts on your Nabu X and charger. If a cotton swab does not fully remove the dirt or debris, use a toothpick or toothbrush. Do not submerge your Nabu X in hot water or use abrasive cleaners. Thoroughly dry your Nabu X before attempting to charge.
  2. Try a different USB port. Your charger may not be getting enough power from the USB port it is plugged into or the USB port may be defective. Avoid using USB hubs.
  3. Try restarting your Nabu X.

Power or unpowered USB hubs do not always provide a consistent output to charge your Nabu X. If you are using a USB hub, try connecting the USB charging cable directly to your computer's USB port or a USB wall charger. If your Nabu X starts charging while directly plugged in, the USB hub is not providing enough power and should not be used.

If you have done these steps and you are still having trouble charging the Nabu X, contact Razer Support for further assistance.

The handshake function on my Razer Nabu X does not seem to share our Facebook and Twitter contact information. It vibrated when we shook hands, but we never received a notification from Facebook or Twitter. How do we fix this?

Ensure that "Handshake" has been activated under “Social Settings” in the Nabu X Utility and that you have also authenticated your Facebook and Twitter account.

Update: With Facebook now taking down their “Message” function for ALL developers, exchanging Facebook contacts via Handshake will no longer prompt you via Facebook messenger. However, we are currently working on an alternative whereby an email will be instead sent to both parties with their Facebook details.

Why am I unable to get notifications for incoming calls on my iPhone? My Razer Nabu X is paired with my phone and the other functions seem to work.

Unpair your Nabu X from your phone and then establish the Bluetooth connection again. To do this go to Settings > Bluetooth and select “Forget This Device”. Then pair your phone again to the band.

When I double tap my Razer Nabu X nothing seems to happen, what is wrong?

Ensure the top of the Nabu X is as level as possible when tapping.

Why does my Razer Nabu X not start when I take it out of the box?

You should plug the Nabu X to a power source with the provided charging cable to activate it.

My Razer Nabu X step count seems inaccurate. How do I fix this?

Contact Razer Support with details on the inaccuracy of the step count and we will evaluate this on a case by case basis.

What should I do if my Razer Nabu X stops receiving notifications?

Make sure that the Nabu X is not set to "Do Not Disturb" or "Sleep Mode". If the problem persists, restart your iPhone's Bluetooth connection.

Why is my Razer Nabu X not syncing with Apple's Health Kit?

When your band is paired using the Nabu X Utility, you will be prompted to register with Apple’s Health Kit. Once all features have been accepted and enabled, you will be able to see the data within the Health Kit app.

Should there be any problems, open the Health Kit app and check that under “Sources”, that Nabu X Utility is enabled.

The fitness app for my Razer Nabu X thinks shows a different gender. How do I fix this?

Within the Nabu X Utility, tap on the “list” icon to bring up the navigational menu. Go to your profile and tap “edit” to change your details such as gender, height, weight, and birthdate.

I know the Razer Nabu X will sync about every 5 minutes, but can I manually sync the counts myself?

Yes. To get the Nabu X to manually sync, simply open the Nabu Fitness application and pull down on the screen to refresh.

When I open my Nabu app for my Razer Nabu X, it does not show the latest data right away, why?

The Nabu X takes some time to sync to the Fitness app when it opens. To save power, the Nabu X will only sync live data when it detects that an approved 3rd party application is installed on your iPhone.

I do not get the verification text message when I try to register my phone number on my Razer Nabu X?

Make sure your phone number is correct and includes the proper country and area codes. (For US that would be 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx.)

Why is my WeChat app not updating with the latest fitness data from my Razer Nabu X?

Ensure the Razer Nabu X WeChat service account is connected to your band. The connection is indicated on the top navbar within the service account itself. If it is not connected, exit the service account, and re-enter it to allow a connection to be established.

Upon establishing a connection, the latest steps count data will be synced to WeChat.


Do the LED indicators stay on all the time on my Razer Nabu X

No, the indicators do not stay on. They only light up when there are incoming notifications or other such alerts.

What is the Razer Nabu X made of?

The Nabu X is made of a silicone material that is both durable and flexible. This material is comfortable and hypoallergenic, so you can wear it all-day


Is the latest Razer Nabu X app (version 2.1.0) supported on iOS?

The new Nabu app is supported on iOS 8.0 and higher. Lower versions of iOS are not supported.

How do I get my Razer Nabu X to start and exit sleep mode automatically?

In order to get my Razer Nabu X to start and exit sleep mode automatically, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Open the Nabu X Utility application.
  2. Select “Sleep Mode”.
  3. Turn ON “Automatic Sleep Tracking” and enter the approximate time your sleep routinely starts/ends.

To turn it off, set “Sleep Tracking” to OFF.

Is there a way to customize the lighting notifications on the Razer Nabu X?

Yes, open the Nabu X Utility application and select “Notifications”. You can then tap and select the type of lighting you get for incoming calls, alarms, and notifications from other applications. If you do not wish to receive notifications from any of these, you can simply turn them off.

Why do I need to install the Utility app for the Razer Nabu X?

The Utility app is a settings application for your Nabu X so you can customize your smart band.