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Razer Mouse Dock Chroma Support

At a Glance: Razer Mouse Dock Chroma 

Keep your game going with the Razer Mouse Dock Chroma—a wireless mouse charging dock with highly customizable RGB lighting, designed to be the perfect pairing with our most advanced more.

Which Razer mice will the Mouse Dock Chroma work with?

The Mouse Dock Chroma works with the Razer Basilisk Ultimate, Viper Ultimate, and the Naga Pro.

How do I configure the Mouse Dock Chroma?

Whilst you may use the Mouse Dock Chroma without any additional software, you may install Razer Synapse 3 to configure brightness, and lighting effects.

How does the Mouse Dock Chroma lighting reflect the battery levels of my mouse?

The Mouse Dock Chroma will blink red to warn you when your mouse battery is low. When the mouse is placed on the charging dock, the mouse and dock will indicate the charging status. While docked, the mouse and dock LEDs will light up breathing red, breathing yellow, breathing orange, breathing green and static green to indicate critical, low, mid, high and full battery levels, respectively.