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Razer Hyperspeed Multi-device Dongle Updater Support

Razer Hyperspeed Multi-device Dongle Updater

We've detected that you have a Razer HyperSpeed Wireless device that uses a Razer HyperSpeed Multi-Device Dongle. As this dongle can now support a keyboard and mouse at the same time, you no longer require separate dongles for each peripheral.

To unlock this functionality, please download the firmware updater for your supported device below.

How many devices can be connected with one Razer HyperSpeed Multi-Device Dongle?

You can connect one keyboard and one mouse with each Razer HyperSpeed Multi-Device Dongle.

How many dongles can each device connect to?

Each device can only connect to one dongle at a time. All Razer HyperSpeed Multi-Device Dongles are interchangeable, and you can set the dongle pairing via Razer Synapse.