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Will the keys from the Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set fit the Razer BlackWidow V3 Tenkeyless?

Yes. The Razer BlackWidow V3 Tenkeyless is compatible with the Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set. Opting for Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set will not only improve the aesthetics on your BlackWidow V3 Tenkeyless but also helps improve your typing and the overall feel of your keyboard.

To learn more about the Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set, see Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set FAQs.

What is on-the-fly macro recording on Razer Mice and Keyboards?

On-the-fly macro recording allows users to record lengthy macros in the game, without having to access driver menus or other software. For example, hitting the "Macro Record" key and then inputting a sequence of multiple spells in World of Warcraft saves this action to the specified key. The same sequence of spells can then be executed automatically with the actuation of that one button.

My Razer keyboard does not work at startup after a cold start

Make sure that USB ports are not in hibernation mode.

  1. Go to Windows Device Manager and click the arrow next to “Universal Serial Bus controllers”.

  2. Right-click on any Root Hub and select “Properties.”

  3. Click the “Power Management” tab and ensure that “Allow computer to turn off this device to save power” is ticked.

  4. Proceed to do this under each Root Hub.

What should I do if my keyboard spams keys or does not register input when pressed?

If your keyboard spams keys or does not register input when pressed, this may be due to a faulty switch or a firmware, driver, or hardware issue. This may also because the device is in “Demo Mode”.

To resolve this, follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure that your Razer keyboard’s drivers are up to date.

  2. Make sure that your Razer Synapse software is up to date.

    1. For Synapse 3, refer to How do I manually check for updates on Razer Synapse 3?

  3. Ensure that your computer’s OS is up to date.

  4. Check if the keyboard is clean and has no dirt and other residues. You can use a clean soft cloth (preferably a microfiber cloth) and compressed air to clean your keyboard or touchpad.

  5. Make sure that the keyboard is plugged in directly to the computer and not on a USB hub. If it is already directly plugged into the computer, try a different USB port.

    1. For Razer keyboards with two USB connections, make sure that both are plugged directly into the computer.

    2. For desktop computers, we recommend using the USB port at the back of the system unit.

  6. Make sure your device is not in “Demo Mode”. This only applies to certain models and only when all the keys are not working. For more information, refer to My keyboard lights up but there is no response from the keys.

  7. Disable Razer Synapse from the computer to isolate the device from a software issue, then test the device.

    1. If the device works with Synapse disabled, the issue may be due to a software problem. You may opt to do a clean installation of Synapse.

  8. If possible, test the device on another PC without Synapse.

    1. If the device works without Synapse installed, the issue may be due to a software problem. You may opt to do a clean installation of Synapse.

My Razer keyboard does not work correctly with a specific program or game

If you are experiencing issues with the Razer device in an application, test the device in another application to confirm if the issue is specific to that application. If the Razer device functions properly in another application, then the program is likely the cause of the issue.

How to enable gaming mode in the Razer Keyboard

The Gaming Mode disables the Windows Key function to avoid accidental usage. Furthermore, you can maximize the effect of Anti-Ghosting by activating the Gaming Mode function. You can also choose to disable the Alt + Tab and Alt + F4 functions by changing the Gaming Mode settings in Razer Synapse 2.0 and 3. An indicator will light up when Gaming Mode is active.

To enable Gaming Mode using the keys:

  1. Press fn + F10.

To activate Gaming Mode in Synapse 3:

  1. Launch Synapse 3.

  2. Go to Keyboard > Customize.

  3. Under Gaming Mode, click on the dropdown menu and select “On”.

How do I clean my Razer keyboard?

The overall finish can be cleaned with wipes generally used for cleaning your computer monitor or sunglasses. Ensure that the surface is free of large dust particles or debris before wiping the surface with any product. Wiping debris into the surface can lead to minor scratches on the surface of the unit.

If you wish to clean under the keycaps, Razer suggests holding the unit upside down and/or using compressed air from a can. We do not recommend removing the keycaps from your mecha-membrane switches.

We suggest unplugging the device from your computer before cleaning.

Note: Under no circumstances should you ever submerge the keyboard in any type of liquid. Submerging the keyboard in any liquid will void the warranty on your keyboard.

Can I use On-the-Fly Macro Recording without Synapse 3?

On-the-Fly Macro Recording only works when Synapse 3 is installed and running in the background. The system tray icon should show up in the Windows Taskbar. If you start the recording without Synapse 3, the LED for the On-the-Fly Macro Recording will blink three times and go off instead of remaining lit. Install Synapse 3 and allow it to run in the background to be able to use on-the-fly macro.

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