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Razer Wireless Charger Support

Common Questions

What phones are compatible with the Razer Wireless Charger?

We offer native support for Razer Phone 2. Just power on your charger and connect via the Razer Chroma app. The Razer Wireless Charger will not work with the first Razer Phone but may work with other phones that are compatible with the Qi Wireless Charging standard.

Which Razer Chroma effects are available on the Razer Wireless Charger?

The current list of Chroma lighting effects for the Razer Wireless charger are:

  • Breathing
  • Spectrum
  • Static
  • Wave

We are committed to include more Chroma effects in the future, so make sure you have automatic updates enabled to get the latest app updates.

How do I turn off the light on the Razer Wireless Charger?

Press the button in front of the charger to toggle the lights on or off. You can also turn off the lights via the Razer Chroma app by selecting Chroma effect on or off.

Why do I need to pair my phone with the Razer Wireless Charger?

You do not need to pair your phone with the Razer Wireless Charger prior to using it to charge your phone. However, for the best experience take advantage of customizing your Razer Wireless Charger Chroma lights by installing the Razer Chroma Configurator app for Android or the Razer Charger app for iOS.


Will the charging performance be affected if I have a phone case on the Razer Phone 2 when charging with the Razer Wireless Charger?

Yes. Phone cases increase the distance between your Razer Phone 2 and the Razer Wireless Charger. This may impact the charging ability and charging speed.

Do not use phone cases with metal surrounding the phone. During the wireless charging, the back of the Razer Phone 2 cannot have any attached iron, metal, coins, IC cards, bank cards, magnetic absorbers, or other metal objects.

Can I use the Power Adapter from the Razer Phone 1 with the Razer Wireless Charger?

We recommend that you use the power adapter that came with the Razer Wireless Charger or Razer Phone 2 for optimal performance.

How many phones can be paired to the Razer Wireless Charger?

Only one phone can be paired to the Razer Wireless Charger at a time. The Wireless Charger will remember the last phone it was paired with. However, you do not need to pair your phone to charge it.

What is the "Status Indicator" or Lighting on the Razer Wireless Charger?

By default, the "Status Indicator" refers to the underglow lighting that momentarily displays the status of the wireless charger before reverting to its current lighting effect. You can toggle the Status Indicator light after you have paired your Razer Wireless Charger to your phone. See the illustration below:

Does pressing the button on the front of the Razer Wireless Charger turn off the charging capabilities?

No, it only turns off the lighting effects on the base of the charger. The charger will only stop charging once the phone has hit 100% or if the phone Qi coils are not lined up correctly.


What are the compatible phones with the Razer Chroma Configurator App?

The Chroma Configurator App is compatible with the following phones:

  • Razer Phone 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 Active
  • LG G7 Thinq
  • LG V30

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