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Razer Pro Click Support

At a Glance: Razer Pro Click

The Razer Pro Click combines the best in ergonomics, and precision. Razer teamed up with Humanscale, the world’s premier...more

What kind of mouse is the Razer Pro Click?

The Razer Pro Click is a productivity mouse co-designed with Humanscale, the world’s premier manufacturer of office ergonomics, for all-day comfort at work.

Can I connect Pro Click to more than one device?

Yes, the Razer Pro Click is capable of pairing and connecting to 4 devices and can simply switch usage from one device to another with just a click of a button.

Can I use the Razer Pro Click for gaming?

The Razer Pro Click can be used for simple commands such as aiming and click to shoot. However, it’s features can be best utilized in productivity.

Can I still program the buttons of the Razer Pro Click like any other Razer mouse?

Yes, the Razer Pro Click has eight programmable buttons that can be used for saving shortcuts, text functions, and launching programs within Synapse 3.

What kind of sensor does the Razer Pro Click have?

The Pro Click uses a Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor with 16,000 DPI, providing high precision for productivity and efficiency at work.

How long can the battery last?

The battery lasts up to 400 hours when connected via Bluetooth, and up to 200 hours when connected via 2.4GHz wireless, allowing you to power through long hours of work.

How to connect the Razer Pro Click using Bluetooth

You can connect the Razer Pro Click to more than one device using the following steps...more

How to connect the Razer Pro Click using the 2.4 GHz Dongle

The Razer Pro Click can be directly connected to any computer using its 2.4 GHz Dongle by performing the following steps...more

How do I clean my Razer™ mouse?

We cannot say with certainty what type of dirt and debris may be on your product, or how certain cleaning products may react with it, but we have had good luck cleaning Razer products using commonly available monitor cleaning wipes. To clean the body of your Razer mouse, please take a monitor wipe and use gentle wiping motions. Do not scrub the surface of your Razer mouse. You can clean the sensor using a Q-Tip lightly coated with rubbing alcohol. Let the sensor dry for five minutes before attempting to use it.

Do I need to install additional software or drivers to use the Razer Pro Click?

You may use the standard mouse functions by simply plugging the Bluetooth dongle to a computer or pairing the Razer Pro Click to devices such as tablets.

Other advanced features can be configured by installing Razer Synapse 3 on your computer or laptop.

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