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Razer Basilisk Support

How do I change the settings of my Razer Basilisk?
To change the settings of your Razer Basilisk – including changing keybinds, lighting, macros and other functions, please download and install Razer Synapse 3.
What is the clutch for?

Deliberately shaped as a clutch rather than a traditional button, the easily accessible clutch is designed not only to actuate and release quickly, but also for enhanced comfort when held down; as opposed to traditional buttons which are intended for quick click-and-release. Push-to-talk, temporary DPI adjustment and other game actions that require the gamer to hold down the mouse button can now be executed in greater comfort.

The clutch comes in two(2) lengths for different hand sizes and its default setting is to adjust the DPI to 800 when held down. A rubber cap is also included for gamers who prefer not to use the clutch. Like other programmable buttons, the clutch can be customized in Razer Synapse 3.

What is the dial at the bottom of the mouse for?
Designed specifically to cater to FPS gamers who bind game actions to their scroll wheel, the Razer Basilisk comes with a range of customizable scroll wheel resistances to choose from. Using a dial on the bottom of the mouse, FPS gamers will be able to set the scroll wheel at their preferred resistance level for activation of bunny hops, weapon selection and more.
What is Hybrid On-board and Cloud Storage?
Hybrid On-board and Cloud Storage enables you to save your customized profiles not only onto the Cloud, but also directly onto your Razer Basilisk as well, so you can access them easily even on PCs that do not have Razer Synapse 3 installed or don't have access to the Internet.
What is the button at the bottom of my Razer Basilisk for?
This button lets you cycle through up to four(4) on-board profiles stored on your Razer Basilisk via the Hybrid On-Board and Cloud Storage feature of Razer Synapse 3.
How do I adjust the DPI setting?
Out-of-the-box, you can make basic changes to the DPI of your Razer Basilisk on-the-fly via the DPI buttons located behind the scroll wheel. You can also temporarily reduce the DPI by holding down on the clutch of the Razer Basilisk. Once you have installed Razer Synapse or the upcoming Razer Synapse 3, you will have access to more DPI options.
Does the Razer Basilisk feature Mouse Acceleration?
No. Synapse 3 does not have mouse acceleration built into the platform so there's no way for you to configure that option like in Synapse 2.0.
My Razer Basilisk is out-of-warranty and is not working.

Razer products are designed to work well beyond the warranty's expiration. However, if you feel your Razer Basilisk is having issues, we first suggest trying the Razer Basilisk on another system to ensure that the issue is with the mouse, and not the system. If you have narrowed the issue to your Razer Basilisk, there are some basic external spare parts available at

You can also clean the mouse sensor using a Q-Tip lightly coated with rubbing alcohol and then let the sensor dry for five(5) minutes before attempting to use it. A light shot from a can of compressed air can also sometimes free debris that may be causing an issue. If you have further questions, reach out to us here or call 1-888-697-2037.

How can I contact Razer?
If you were unable to find the answer to your question(s) in our FAQ, please reach out to us here or call 1-888-697-2037.
How can I modify or disassemble my Razer product?
We cannot help you in modifying or disassembling your Razer product as that will void the manufacturer's warranty on the unit.
How do I request or purchase replacement parts for my Razer product?
For a complete list of our current spare parts and accessories, please click here. If the item you need isn't listed, please contact our Customer Support Team here.
I have a coupon/promotional/gift voucher code for the Razer Store. Where can I enter the code so I can use it to purchase products?
From your shopping cart page on the Razer Store, please check the box labeled "Enter Promo Code." Enter the code into the box and click "Apply Code." The total price after should reflect the discount.
I recently placed an order on the Razer Store and it still shows my order is "In Process." When will my order ship?
We are sorry if there are any delays in processing your order. The product may be out-of-stock or the order may be under protection/fraud review. Check your order status at the Razer Store page by entering your information at the Order Status page.
I think my Razer product is defective and would like an RMA/exchange.
If you are unable to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you are having with the knowledgebase (FAQ) and you feel your product is defective, please contact us here or call 1-888-697-2037.
I would like information on future Razer products.
Unfortunately, Customer Support has no information on future product or driver releases. For any information regarding future products, please visit our website or our social media channels.
One of the features of my Razer Product does not work.
If you're unable to find an FAQ article that helps resolve the issue, please contact our Customer Support Team here. User guides and product manuals are also available on the support page.
What are some examples of a "Proof of Purchase" to provide when initiating an RMA?
A valid proof of purchase is defined as a dated sales receipt from an authorized Razer Reseller. The receipt must show the product description and price. Invoice slips and e-mail order confirmations can be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Why does Razer require a proof of purchase?

Razer must verify that the product is within the specified warranty period and that it was purchased from an authorized reseller. Products purchased from unauthorized dealers are often usedcounterfeitre-boxeddefective or gray market goods. These units may also not be designed and packaged to work in your country and may not meet all legal and safety requirements.

Razer will not be able to honor a warranty on products purchased from an unauthorized dealer or that are out of the warranty period. If you purchased product from an unauthorized reseller, all support and warranty issues should be directed to that reseller.