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Razer Acari Support

At a Glance: Razer Acari

Armed with an ultra-low friction hard surface that satisfies your need for speed and a large surface area that offers freedom of movement, the Razer Acari is your best bet when going up against the impossible …read more.

Is the Acari a hard or soft mat?

It is a hard mat, so it is waterproof and easily maintained.

What is the benefit of the Acari over other mouse mats?

It is the fastest mat, so you’re able to move your mouse faster to hit targets, while using less effort/energy.

Does the Acari mat come with Razer Chroma?

No, the Acari does not come with Razer Chroma. For mats with Razer Chroma, do check out the Firefly V2, Goliathus Chroma or Goliathus Extended Chroma.

How does the Acari compare with other mouse mats that Razer offers?

Do check out our quick guide here.

Does Razer have mouse mats with printed designs?

You can choose designs from an ever-growing collection of licensed prints and even have your own custom text printed on.

How do I clean the Razer Acari mouse mat?

The Razer Acari | RZ02-03310 requires minimum maintenance to keep it in optimum condition. We recommend cleaning the mat once a month using a soft wet cloth or cotton swab with a bit of warm water, slowly clean with the gradient to prevent dirt buildup.


*The above items may damage the product and void the warranty.

  • Do not use soap or harsh cleaning agents.

  • Do not place the mouse mat in the washing machine or clean it under running water.

  • Do not fold, roll, or compress the mouse mat.

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