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At a Glance: Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020)

Performance and display pushed to the edge. A mobile desktop replacement powerhouse built for gaming and intensive applications. Demanded by gamers and creative professionals alike, the Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020) | RZ09-0329x laptop offers maximum portability and more

Can I custom overclock my Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020)?

Custom overclocking on the newer versions of your Razer laptops is not possible since the CPU is locked. Razer laptops are carefully crafted, and its components are tuned to give the best performance under the most demanding gaming conditions. There is an associated risk of damage to crucial components if unauthorized changes are made, which will result in voiding the manufacturer's warranty.

Can I use a lower-watt power adapter on my Razer Blade laptop?

Yes, the Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020) | RZ09-0329x supports USB-C power adapters (up to 100 W) which output less power than the provided 230 W AC adapter. However, using a lower-watt power adapter may affect the performance of your laptop, and your laptop may charge slower or not charge at all while the system is running. To avoid any of these issues, we recommend using only the power adapter that comes with the laptop.

BIOS error message during installation

When downloading the proper BIOS firmware updater for your Razer Blade laptops, you may run into the following issue when installing: "This firmware tool is for use only with Blade and compatible system. The application will now close.".

The issue is related to the product code of some devices, found in the BIOS. The firmware is correct but may not install because the product code embedded in the BIOS does not match the firmware updater.

The firmware houses a list of applicable product codes so that it knows which units to allow itself to install on. If the product code in the BIOS of the laptop does not match that of the updater's list of approved devices, it will return an error.

Display error on Razer laptops when using GPU-intensive programs or games

If you experience image issues or the display driver stops working when playing GPU-intensive applications, programs or games, follow the steps below to resolve the problem:

  1. Restart the device and test if the issue is still present after the reboot.
  2. Ensure that you have updated to the latest version of Windows.
  3. Make sure your graphics driver is up to date:

    Note: Choose the appropriate graphics card for your Razer Blade model.

  4. Check if the issue persists on all games or on a specific game.
  5. If the issue only occurs on a certain application or game, the issue may be caused by the game itself.
    • Make sure the device specifications fit the system requirements of the game or application.
    • Attempt to reinstall the game or application.
    • If the issue persists, check if this is a common issue with other owners of the same game or application to see if a fix is available on their end.
  6. Restart the device and test if the issue is still present after the reboot.
  7. Adjust your screen resolution to match the screen resolution of the game or application.
  8. If the issue is still present, attempt to reinstall the updated graphics driver and test the device again to eliminate the possibility of a corrupt installation.
  9. If the steps above did not resolve the issue attempt to perform a system recovery or factory reset.

How do I defrag the SSD on the Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020)?

Solid State Drives cannot be defragmented. Unlike Hard Disk drives that use a physical magnetic disk to write and read data, SSDs can read blocks of data that are spread out over the drive just as fast as they can read those blocks that are adjacent to one another. There is no need to defrag an SSD Drive.

How do I upgrade the memory, SSD, HDD or hard drive on my Razer Blade 17?

Not all Razer Blade Pro 17 models can be upgraded. Check the technical specifications of your Razer Blade model on its upgradability. Detailed steps on how to upgrade components are not available. Instructions from other sources may be available but we cannot be responsible for their content.

Note: Any damage or issues caused during installation or as a result of incompatible parts being used is not covered under the warranty and may void the warranty coverage. Razer will not be liable for any warranty coverage on any third-party part you may install and we cannot guarantee compatibility or performance of any third-party parts.

What should I do to maintain the power adapter’s good condition and extend its life span?

To keep your power adapter in good condition and extend its life span, check this guide.

Updating Windows OS

It is important to keep your Microsoft OS updated to ensure that you can receive the latest software updates for your system.

Follow the steps below to check for updates on your Windows 10 Razer Blade

  1. Click the "Start" button, and then go to "Settings".

  1. Select "Update & Security".

  1. Select "Windows Update", and click "Check for updates".

Your system should automatically prompt you of any missing update or if the device is currently up to date.

For more information, see Microsoft Windows Support.

Can I dual boot, partition, or otherwise modify the Razer Blade’s operating system?

The Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020) | RZ09-0329x is designed for compatibility with the as-shipped OS. Should you want to install or modify the OS, please format the boot drive first then install your OS. Razer Warranty and Support is only available for the as-shipped OS.

Where can I find the latest drivers for my Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020)?

To enhance the user experience, drivers for your Razer laptop are available through Windows Updates. Simply navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and select “Check for updates” to ensure that you have the latest drivers installed on your Razer Blade Laptop. The original preinstalled drivers for your Blade can be found here.

Where can I get information on MS Windows update and end-of-support info?

All our Razer Blade models operate using Windows operating systems. Any updates, upgrades, and changes to Windows servicing and support come directly from Microsoft Corporation.

Will I overcharge my battery if I leave it plugged in even when it is at 100%?

The Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020) | RZ09-0329x series uses a lithium-ion (Li-On) polymer battery. Though this is not exactly a Windows feature, overcharging Li-ion batteries is not a problem and does not affect the battery life span. The Blade laptops have an internal circuit to stop charging at full charge to avoid overcharging and will only start recharging when the battery hits 95%.

How can I extend the battery life of my Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020) when on-the-go?

Most of the battery improvement options are part of the Windows OS. Follow the following tips below to extend the battery life of your Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020) | RZ09-0329x when on-the-go:

  • Temporarily turn off the keyboard backlighting
  • Try dimming the screen brightness
  • Check the “Battery Saver” settings for the most effective means of conserving battery when on-the-go.
  • The battery life may be extended further by turning down the display brightness, adjusting the power settings in Windows Setting > System > Battery and adjust the power configuration to your liking.

  • Changing the performance mode in Synapse 3

  • Close applications when not in use.
  • Dim or turn off the keyboard lighting.

Can I use third-party power adapters with the Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020)?

We only recommend using Razer power supplies with the Razer Blade Pro 17" (2020) | RZ09-0329x. Third-party adapters have not been tested to meet our standards and may lead to damage to the system. You can purchase replacement or spare 230W AC adapters from the RazerStore.

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