Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) | RZ09-01171E1 Support

Common Questions

Can I overclock my Razer Blade Pro 17" (2014)?

Razer laptops are carefully crafted and its components are tuned to give the best performance under the most demanding gaming conditions. We do not recommend over-clocking your CPU, GPU, and/or RAM as these alter the delicate balance of performance and reliability of the system. There is associated risk of damage to crucial components if unauthorized changes are made, which will result in voiding manufacturer’s warranty.


During shut down or reboot, my system will be stuck at the message “Configuring Windows Features 100% - Please do not turn off your computer” intermittently, even though I have never performed a Windows Update operation.

When you see this message, Windows is performing an automatic uninstallation of unused language packs to free up more space on your system.

The duration depends on how many languages are being removed, as it will accumulate if the system is never shut down or rebooted for a period of time.

To avoid from seeing this message again, you can perform the following workaround procedures to manually remove the language packs that you don’t need:

  1. On your Desktop, press “Start”  and type “lpksetup”.
  2. Click on “Uninstall display languages”.
  3. Select the languages you wanted to remove and click “Next”.
  4. A progress bar will appear to give feedback on the language pack uninstallation process.

These steps might take some time (more than 1 hour). It’s advisable to run this when the system is not actively in use.

How do I run my games or applications at optimal performance?

The Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) features two graphics processors (Intel HD and NVIDIA GTX 860M). If you would like optimal performance, be sure to set your program to utilize the NVIDIA GTX860M graphics processor.

  1. Right-click on your Desktop and click "NVIDIA Control Panel."
  2. Under "Manage 3D settings", click on the "Program Settings" tab.
  3. Select or add the program you wish to optimize.
  4. On the dropdown box under "Select the preferred graphics processor for this program", choose "High performance NVIDIA processor".
  5. Click "Apply".

Why am I not able to back-page to the Twitter site after loading an external page on the Razer Blade Pro 17"?

Press the "back-page" key 2 to 5 times or press the "Razer Home" key and relaunch Twitter.


My trackpad does not respond anymore after restarting the system. What should I do?

If you encounter this, try shutting down the system and power it on again. If the issue persists, uninstall Synapse and download the latest Synapse Framework from the Razer support site.

My Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) is out of warranty, how can I have it repaired?

Razer has authorized repair centers in every region where the Blade is currently sold. To set up a repair at one of our repair centers, contact our support team at www.razersupport.com/email. Our support team will be happy to give you a rough estimate of the repair costs, but the final cost cannot be determined until the unit is physically inspected at the repair center. Only authorized Razer Repair Centers will have the parts and specialized training required to repair your Razer Blade.

I put my Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) to sleep by closing the cover during boot up. Upon opening the unit, the screen is blank. How can I fix this?

If you experience this problem, wait a moment for the light on the keyboard to go off. Then, press the power switch to wake up the unit.

My internet or WiFi connection indicates that I am connected to a network, but I am unable to connect to the internet. What should I do?

Most modems have an indicator that shows if it is connected to the internet. Check if your modem is connected to the internet. If your modem does indicate that you are connected to the internet, try restarting your modem.

If the issue persists, contact your local internet provider to ensure that the connection is stable.

What do the different colors on my status indicator mean?

The front LED indicator shines on only when the lid is closed, and the power button indicator shines on when the lid is open.

  • White - Sleep mode
  • Green - On
  • Dim Red - Low Battery (10% left)
  • Bright Red - Lower Battery (3% left)

Note: The status indicator is not an HDD indicator.

When my Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) comes out of the sleep or standby mode, the trackpad does not work. How can I fix this?

If you experience this problem, wait for the dialog box titled "Synaptics Touchpad Enhancements" to appear. Press and hold the "alt" key and then press the "Tab" key to activate the dialog box.

Can I upgrade my graphics card?

The Razer Blade 17" (2014) features a custom GTX860M design that is integrated into the motherboard and does not utilize a removable MXM module. Because of this unique design, upgrades are not available.

My Razer product does not work correctly with a specific program or game. What should I do?

If you are experiencing issues with the Razer device in a particular application, test the device in another application to confirm if the issue is specific to that application. If the Razer device functions properly in another application, then the program is likely the cause of the issue.

Why is Photoshop asking for a password on my Razer Blade?

Ensure that you are being asked for a Photoshop connection password when loading the application for Photoshop.

To obtain the password it is asking for:

Within the Photoshop program click "Edit" at the top of the screen and then click on "Remote Connections." This should open a dialogue box that lets you choose a password.

Once you have entered a password of your choice, make sure the checkbox at the bottom of the dialogue box that says, "Enable Remote Connections" is also checked and then click "Ok."

Once these steps have been performed, enter the password you have set into the app for Photoshop within the Switchblade UI and click “Connect”.


While trying to upgrade to Windows 10 on my Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014), the system hung up and rolled back to the previous OS with the error message “C1900101-30018 Windows Update ran into a problem”.

If you encounter this error message, be sure that you have met all Microsoft requirements for Windows 10 and try to perform the upgrade again. Make sure to close all running programs and a stable internet connection is required when the upgrade is running.

While trying to upgrade to Windows 10, the Razer Wizard installer popped up. What should I do?

If you encounter this, close the installer wizard and complete your OS upgrade first. You will be able to perform drivers and applications update after completing the OS upgrade without a problem.

After upgrading to Windows 10, I can't see available wireless networks to connect to, even though wireless networks are available and in range. What should I do?

If you encounter this, go to "Device Manager" and uninstall all devices under “Network adapters”, especially VPN adapters and Wi-Fi adapters. After these devices are uninstalled, click on “Action” along the top of the "Device Manager" window and then select “Scan for hardware changes”. Then install the latest Wi-Fi drivers posted on the Razer Support website.

How do I update my Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) to Windows 10?

There are certain updated drivers you will have to install, and we have created a guide to help you with the update process.

  1. Visit the downloads section of our Support Site and select “Razer Systems.” Choose the model you are attempting to update.

  2. Check out the Windows 10 Upgrade Guide for complete details regarding the update process."

Does the Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) support Intel WiDi?

The Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) features a Killer n1202 Wireless card and therefore, WiDi is not supported, as it requires an Intel wireless adapter.

Does the Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) support 3D?

No. The Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) does not support 3D display modes.

Does the Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) support Miracast?

At this time, the Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) does not support Miracast.

Is the Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) compatible with other Synapse 2.0 devices?

Yes, all Synapse 2-ready devices will automatically sync your custom settings with the cloud.

Where can I find drivers for my Razer product?

Razer drivers are available on our download page. You can also check out the installation links for Razer Synapse and other available Razer software.

Can I upgrade the SSD or RAM of my Razer Blade laptop?

The storage units and RAM can be upgraded to their maximums supported by Windows (2TB storage partitions and 64GB RAM on applicable models). Please be advised that upgrading these units is an “at your own risk” situation. If a component gets damaged at any point of the installation process, the resulting system damage will not be covered by your standard or extended warranty. Additionally, any replacement or non-issued components from Razer (such as the upgraded/replacement storage or memory) is not covered by Razer. Only hardware provided by Razer, is covered by your standard or extended warranty. Any damage caused by installing user-supplied storage or memory units is not covered under the standard or extended warranty.

Since I started using Windows 10, my computer will not go into sleep mode and my screen saver mode will not come on.

This happens due to compatibility issues between the joystick devices and Windows 10. To avoid this, disable the game controller device under Device Manager > Human Interface Device > HID-compliant Game Controller. However, when you disable the game controller, you might lose virtual joystick related features in Synapse.

Can the Razer Blade Pro be used as a second display to my PC/XBOX/PS3?

No. The HDMI port is intended for "Video Out" only.

Can I use two displays on the HDMI port on the Razer Blade Pro for a total of three?

No, dual external displays are not possible.

After upgrading to Windows 10, my Razer Blade Pro 17” (2014) can no longer detect wireless / WiFi connection. What should I do?

This applies to older versions of Blades that were not shipped with Windows 10 already installed.

Note: Make sure that you have installed all the latest Microsoft® Windows Operating Systems and Security Updates.

If you encounter this, go to Device Manager and uninstall all devices under "Network Adapter", especially VPN adapters and Wi-Fi adapters. After these devices are uninstalled, click on "Action" along the top of the "Device Manager" window and then select "Scan for Hardware changes".

Then, install the latest Wi-Fi driver posted on the Razer Support website.