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Is the Razer Lycosa available in any other colors?

No, the Lycosa is only available in blue.

What are the Razer Lycosa Gaming Cluster keys?

The Razer Lycosa Gaming Cluster with anti-ghosting capabilities are specific keys with the following characteristics:

  • CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keys are dedicated.
  • Able to press any of the above 2 keys (CTRL, ALT or SHIFT key) + any other key on the keyboard

Can I use the Razer Lycosa Media Touchpad to control Media Players other than the 4 listed in the Lycosa Configurator?

We are sorry to say that only media players included in the list can be controlled via the Lycosa Media Touchpad. Supported media players are Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, iTunes, and Winamp.

Is it possible to adjust the brightness on the Razer Lycosa?

Unfortunately, you can't adjust the brightness of the Razer Lycosa.

How do I activate gaming mode for Razer Lycosa?

Press and hold the Razer Logo on the Touch Panel, then press the Windows Key to activate gaming mode for Razer Lycosa. This will deactivate the Windows key.
To reactivate the Windows key, simply press and hold the Razer Logo, then press the Windows Key.

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