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Does the Razer Arctosa have backlighting?

There are no backlights on the Razer Arctosa.

Do the Razer Lycosa or Arctosa use "scissors" type switches in the keyboard?

The Razer Lycosa keyboard and the Razer Arctosa keyboard do not have the scissors switches. They are both using membrane switches.

What parts of the Razer Lycosa/Arctosa keyboard have the Anti-Ghosting feature?

The Lycosa and Arctosa keyboards support anti-ghosting around the gaming cluster (W, A, S, and D). Other keys that have anti-ghosting include the number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Can I adjust the brightness of the Arctosa Numlock, Capslock or Scroll lock keys?

There are no options to adjust or turn off the Razer Arctosa Numlock, Capslock or Scroll lock lightings.

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