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Razer Seirēn Elite Support

Common Questions

What programs can I use to broadcast gameplay using my Razer Seirēn Elite?

What is the purpose of the red LED ring on the Razer Seirēn Elite?

The red LED ring indicates that your audio recording is being limited to avoid audio distortion. This occurs when your gain level is too high, or your voice is too loud. When it constantly lights up, you can reduce your gain level.

What is the purpose of the High-Pass Filter button on the Razer Seirēn Elite?

When enabled, the High-Pass Filter reduces unwanted low-frequency sound such as noise from fans, air-condition, footsteps, etc.

I am not peaking in OBS or XSplit. Why is the LED on the mic activating?

There are two microphone checks performed when using both OBS or XSplit and your microphone; one on your software side and one from the microphone itself. To ensure optimal recording, ensure that peaking does not occur on either platform.

Why is my Razer Seiren detected as a speaker in the device manager?

The Razer Seiren line of products are also detected as speakers in the device manager to allow for audio monitoring while streaming. When a headset is plugged into the 3.5mm port on the Seiren, you hear both your computer audio and mic audio.


I am picking up a lot of background noise when I use the microphone. What can I do to reduce this sound?

If your Razer Seirēn Elite is picking up unwanted noise, try the following steps:

  • Ensure that your microphone is positioned close to your mouth; lower the gain of your microphone.
  • Ensure that there are no fans or air-conditioning units blowing directly onto your Razer Seirēn Elite.
  • Broadcasting software like OBS come equipped with plugins that can assist in the reduction of background noise.

There seems to be a lot of popping when I speak into the microphone. How can I fix this?

Do not place the microphone directly in front of your mouth, position the microphone off to the side so that the air from your mouth does not directly hit the microphone when you speak. Alternatively, you can equip the windscreen that came packaged with the Razer Seirēn Elite.

When I speak loudly, my voice gets distorted. How do I fix this?

To prevent distortion occurring when you speak loudly, activate the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) in the custom panel of your recording devices tab. To do this, search for properties under the sound devices section, then click on the "Custom" tab.

I cannot mount my Razer Seirēn Elite on my microphone arm as the screw is too small. How to fix this?

Ensure you are using a 5/8" thread screw to mount your Razer Seirēn Elite; if your mic arm does not fit, you may need to obtain a 3/8" to 5/8" adapter.

Sound from my computer is bleeding into my microphone audio feed in OBS or XSplit. What is causing this?

One potential reason for this could be the interferences caused by your headset's built-in microphone. To correct this, use the splitter that came with your headset before plugging the headphone portion of the splitter into your Razer Seirēn Elite. If you are still experiencing the issue, try plugging your headphones into the audio port on your computer rather than your Razer Seirēn Elite.

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