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At a Glance: Razer Opus | RZ04-02490

Introducing the new Razer Opus | RZ04-02490, wireless THX® Certified Headphones equipped with advanced active noise cancellation (ANC) more

How do I get the most out of my Razer Opus?

Download and install the Razer Opus Mobile App on the iOS or Android app stores. The Razer Opus Mobile App allows you to quickly toggle between various THX-tuned equalizer presets, adjust automatic settings, and check on battery status.

What do the different equalizer presets do in the mobile app?

  • THX (Default): Accurate, balanced soundstage with impactful bass
  • Amplified: Turns up the low-mid frequencies; feels louder
  • Vocal: Focuses on clear, balanced vocals and dialog
  • Enhanced Bass: Emphasizes low frequencies for more bass
  • Enhanced Clarity: Emphasizes mid-high frequencies for sharper vocals and notes

What does the Center Button between the Volume Buttons do?

With a single press of the Center Button, you can play/pause audio, accept an incoming call or end the current call, put a call on hold and accept a new incoming call, or end call and swap to on-hold call.

By pressing and holding, you can launch voice command, reject incoming calls, and swap calls.

A double press will skip the track. A triple press will go back to the previous track.

The sound quality on my Razer Opus is different when it’s paired to my system via Bluetooth vs. my smartphone.

To prevent this from happening, make sure to select Razer Opus as the playback device after connecting to your computer via Bluetooth. Do this by clicking the volume icon at the bottom-right corner of your task bar and choosing “Headphones (Razer Opus Stereo)” as shown below:

Why do I not have sound on my Razer Opus headphones?

Make sure your Razer Opus is charged and turned on. Also check the volume level on both your audio source and headphones. If your headphones are connected to your computer, check to make sure that correct playback device is selected in your audio settings. Lastly, make sure the audio source is not set to be muted.

Low or no sound from the microphone using the Razer Opus.

If you experience low or no sound from the microphone when using the Razer Opus, this could be because the microphone diaphragm is pointed to the wrong more

My Razer Opus disconnects from my TV setbox automatically, why does this happen?

Compatible devices and players will inform Opus via Bluetooth that content is currently being played or streamed, which would prevent Opus from automatically disconnecting. However, there are devices that are incompatible and won’t send out these commands to Opus, which will lead to Opus automatically disconnecting or shutting off.

My Razer Opus does not Auto Pause/Auto Play when I take off the headphones and put them back on.

Similarly, if certain apps or programs do not have this functionality built in, it will not be able to communicate with Opus to trigger the Auto Pause/Auto Play feature.

How do I program the Razer Opus to automatically shutoff after a period of not being used?

Open the mobile app, click on the Settings icon in the top right corner, go into shutoff option, and select your preferred time period for automatic shutoff.

How do I properly clean my Razer Opus headphones?

Below are some tips on how to properly clean your Razer Opus:

  • For external dirt or dust, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the headphones.
  • For stubborn dirt, dilute your regular detergent with water and soak the cloth for a few minutes. Make sure to squeeze the water out of the cloth well before using it to wipe away the dirt from the headphones.
  • Never use solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol to clean your headphones since these may damage the surface.

How do I power on my Razer Opus?

Simply press and hold the Power Button for about 3 seconds. You will hear an audible cue signaling that the device has been powered on.

How do I connect my Razer Opus headphones to my device?

The Opus headphones can connect wirelessly using Bluetooth or with a 3.5mm audio cable. To pair via Bluetooth, start with the headphones powered off. Ensure there’s power and press and hold the Power Button for about 5 seconds until you hear an audible cue that sounds like sonar, which indicates that the Razer Opus is now in Bluetooth pairing mode. Ensure Razer Opus is right next to the device you are trying to pair to, then navigate to your device’s Bluetooth settings to scan, pair, and connect to Razer Opus wirelessly. Be sure to connect to “Razer Opus” and not to “Razer Stereo.” You can also plug in the included 3.5mm audio cable to your headphones and then into a 3.5mm audio jack on your device.  

I have paired my Razer Opus to different devices, how do I switch between them?

If for example you have your Opus paired to your smartphone as well as your laptop, audio will only play from one source at a time, depending on which source you are currently connected to. If you are connected to your smartphone, then the audio from the smartphone will be playing on Opus. If you want to switch to hearing audio from your laptop, you’ll have to navigate into your smartphone’s Bluetooth setting to disconnect from it first, then connect to your laptop by navigating to your laptop’s Bluetooth settings.

How do I turn off/on the Auto Pause/Auto Play feature?

Open the mobile app, click on the Settings icon in the top right corner, toggle the Auto Pause/Resume setting on or off based on your preference.

How do I turn active noise cancellation (ANC) on/off?

Simply press the NC/Ambient Button on the left earcup. There will be audible cues that signal whether ANC is on or off. You can also tell by the level of noise isolation you experience to determine whether ANC is on or off.

How do I activate Quick Attention Mode?

Continuously press and hold the NC/Ambient Button on the left earcup to amplify ambient noise for a heightened sense of awareness. This is useful when crossing the road, having a quick conversation, or simply to get a sense of your surroundings. When you’re ready to revert back to ANC mode, simply release the button.

How do I continuously decrease/increase audio volume on the headphones?

Press and hold the Volume Up or Down Buttons rather than pressing them multiple times.

How do I charge the Razer Opus headphones and how long will it last?

Connect your Razer Opus directly to any USB-C port using the charging cable or to any USB-A port using the adapter. For best results, please fully charge your headset before using it for the first time. A depleted battery will fully charge in about 4 hours. The Opus can last up to 25 hours with ANC on with a full battery.

How do I remove and re-assemble the ear cushions on the Razer Opus?

Removal and re-assembly of the ear cushions on your Razer Opus should be done properly and with utmost care to prevent any more

How do I factory/hard reset my Razer Opus?

Plug the included 3.5mm cable into the Opus, then Press and Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button at the same time.

Where can I download the Razer Opus Mobile App?

For Android users, you can visit Google Playstore to download the app.

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