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Razer Emote Display Support

Common Questions

What is the Razer Emote Display?

The Razer Emote Display is a standalone 8x8 LED screen that displays 8x8 emoticons or GIFs to amplify your streamer-audience interaction.

Can I create my own emotes?

Yes. You can personalize your own emotes by using the Editor in the Steamer Companion App.

Can I detach the gooseneck stand on the Razer Emote Display?

No. However, the gooseneck on the Razer Emote Display can be tilted and can bend with more range compared with the Razer Seiren Emote.

What are the connectivity options of the Razer Emote Display?

You can connect your Razer Emote Display to your system via USB connection only.

What kind of lighting does the Razer Emote Display feature?

The Razer Emote Display features an 8-bit LED display powered by an Emoticon Engine to help express yourself. Choose from over 100 designs or design your own with the emoticon editor.


What are the technical specifications of Razer Emote Display?

Technical Specifications


Standalone Emote Display

 LED Screen

8 x 8 pixels



Gooseneck Stand

Non-detachable, can tilt and bend with more range


No gear switch required

How many pixels does the LED screen have on the Razer Emote Display?

The Razer Emote Display has 8x8 individually customizable pixels.

Does the Razer Emote Display have a microphone?

No. The Razer Emote Display does not have a microphone.


What is the required software needed to install to fully utilize the Razer Emote Display?

To use stream reactive emoticons and alerts, you will need to install the Streamer Companion App and Synapse 3 with the Chroma Connect module installed and enabled.

Check out the Streamer Companion App FAQ page to learn more.

Can I customize the pre-set emoticons in the Razer Emote Display?

The pre-set emoticons are not customizable. However, you can import your own 8x8 gif or use the editor within the Streamer Companion App to create a customized design.

Which streaming services can use the stream reactive emoticons and alerts?

Twitch, Streamlabs, XSplit & Mixer streaming services can use the stream reactive emoticons and alerts using the Streamer Companion App.

Can I create my own GIF in the Streamer Companion App?

No, you can't. However, you can create your own 8x8 GIF in any pixel art creator of your choice and import them into the Streamer Companion App.

Are there any restrictions when creating my own GIF?

When creating your own GIF, be sure to follow the guidelines below:

  1. Set the resolution to 8x8.
  2. Set the scale to 1.0x.
  3. Save your file as .gif.