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Razer Power Bank Support

What is the capacity of the Razer Power Bank? 
12800 mAh
How do I charge my Razer Power Bank and what type of AC charger should be used? 
Razer Power Bank has a USB-C or Micro USB port on the side labeled “IN”. The power bank can be safely charged with a wide array of mobile phone adapters and USB-C laptop AC adapters like the 45W Razer Blade Stealth adapter, Google 60W Type-C adapter, Apple 29W USB-C adapter, and many more.
How do I check the status charge / discharge status of the power bank?
Press the power button to show the current battery status. The following charts provide more detail on the LED behavior. 

What does the LED behavior indicate while charging the power bank? 

LED status LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4
0%-25% Flash OFF OFF OFF
26%-50% ON Flash OFF OFF
51%-75% ON ON Flash OFF
75%-99% ON ON ON Flash
100% ON ON ON ON


What does the LED behavior indicate while charging other devices or not in use? 
LED status LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4
2%-25% ON 4 sec OFF OFF OFF
26%-50% ON 4 sec ON 4 sec OFF OFF
51%-75% ON 4 sec ON 4 sec ON 4 sec OFF
75%-100% ON 4 sec ON 4 sec ON 4 sec ON 4 sec


How much additional battery life will the Razer Power bank provide the Razer Blade Stealth laptop? 
The power bank offers up to 15hrs of combined runtime with the Blade Stealth.
How much will the power bank charge the Razer Blade Stealth in one hour of charging time.
With the laptop turned off and not in use, the Blade Stealth will receive approx. 70% charge in one hour time. 
Can multiple devices be charged at the same time?
With one USB-C and two USB-A ports you can charge up to three devices at once. 
Does Razer Power Bank offer direct power pass through?
No, the power bank’s internal battery must have a charge before it can allow for charging of external devices.  
Will the power bank work as a USB hub when connect to a host device?
No, Power bank is focused on quickly charging your mobile devices and does not have data capabilities. 
Can I charge the power bank’s internal battery and mobile device at the same time? 
Is it possible for the battery to discharge faster than it charges?
Under maximum loads while charging devices, the battery may deplete faster than the internal power bank can charge. In this case, should the battery reach 2% or less, it will stop charging devices connected to the output ports.  After charging up to 20% it will resume charging connected devices.
Can I use other USB-C / A charging cables rather than what came with Razer Power Bank?
Yes, however we recommend the included USB cables for maximum compatibility. 
What does the windows charging manager show when connected to power bank? 
Compatible USB-C laptops should show the power bank as if it is a wall AC adapter. Since your laptop will not show up on battery mode, you may need to manually adjust your windows power settings and display brightness to further save battery life.
Can the Razer Power Bank be used on an airplane?
Yes, the power bank features a 46WH battery and is under the 100 WH maximum size required to be safely taken on board airplanes. 
How can I tell if the power bank is fast quick charging my Android mobile device? 
Android should display the following fast-charging message if used with a compatible device that supports quick charge. 
What should be done if the power bank is not charging a compatible device?
Please try another cable to see if this resolves the problem. You may also contact razer support for further assistance. 
At what percentage does Razer Power Bank stop charging external devices? 
Razer Power Bank will stop charging external devices when at 2% capacity of the internal battery. 
How much charge is needed to power external devices?
If connected to a power source, power bank will resume charging with the internal battery capacity reaches 11%. If disconnected from a power source, power bank will allow charging if the internal battery capacity is at a 6% charge or higher.
What does it mean when the LEDs flash 4 times in 2 seconds?
This generally indicates the device has been discharged to 2% or less or the AC adapter you have connected cannot supply the correct power. Please connect a compatible AC adapter and recharge your device to continue use. If the issue continues, please contact customer support.