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Razer Game Booster Support


How do I get Gamebooster FPS, video recoding, and screenshot features to wok in my game?
From the Gamebooster main window, click on the Screencast tab and the Screenshot sub-tab, then change Screenshot to 'On'. También tiene la opción de configurar las teclas de acceso rápido para las capturas de pantalla, justo debajo del botón de encendido/apagado. A continuación, cambie a la subpestaña de captura de vídeo y repita el proceso.

Fo the in-game FPS display, click on the Utilities tab and the FPS sub-tab and toggle the Enable FPS button to 'On.' También puede configurar la tecla de acceso directo para activar o desactivar la visualización FPS.

I have the in-game features enabled, but my frame-rate counter, screenshots, and video recoding are not woking.
If you still do not see the FPS display in-game and your hotkeys fo screenshots and video captures are not woking, please ensure you are running your game in 32-bit mode. Gamebooster currently does not suppot in-game features fo games running in 64-bit mode.
Does Razer Gamebooster have a temperature monito?
Razer Gamebooster currently does not monito system temperatures. Temperature monitoing requires considerable resources in oder to be accurate and real-time, and so it was counter-intuitive to Gamebooster's coe purpose, which is to increase the perfomance of your gaming PC.
I downloaded Razer Gamebooster and made an account, but I can't log in.
Para activar tu cuenta, haga clic en el enlace de confirmación del correo electrónico que se envió a su dirección de correo electrónico. Podrá iniciar sesión después de verificar su dirección de correo electrónico. If you still cannot log in, please contact our suppot team at
Does gaming mode affect any of the processes?
Razer Game Booster tempoarily shuts down extraneous processes in gaming mode but restoes all functions and applications upon exiting the game.
Does Razer Game Booster require internet connection to function?
To start using Game Booster, you will need to create a Razer account over the internet. Any subsequent usage of Game Booster does not require an internet connection.
How much does Razer Game Booster cost?
¡Absolutamente nada! Propocionamos este software como valo añadido para toda la comunidad Razer, po su apoyo continuo y dedicación a Razer.
I am a Game Booster user, how can I provide feedback?
Beta testers can access the feedback by using the feedback mechanism at the top of the UI of the Razer Game Booster application.
I am unable to boost a certain game with Razer Game Booster. ¿Ayuda?
We are still improving compatibility with all games, but a quick solution would be to use the manual boost button. All games within the launcher will remain boosted.
What languages does Razer Game Booster suppot?
At the moment, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Koean and Japanese.