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Razer Sabertooth Support

Can I use my Razer Sabertooth on the PC?

Absolutely! Your Razer Sabertooth is fully PC compatible without the need for any drivers. We haven't forgotten all the PC gamers who desperately need a phenomenal controller to step up their game.

How can I get my Razer Sabertooth recognized by my computer?

Windows should have the default driver installed on your computer. If it isn't installed, please follow the steps below to find the driver:

  1. Click on your "Windows icon" in the lower-left corner, then right-click on "Computer".
  2. Go to "Properties".
  3. Click on "Device Manager".
  4. Double click on the "Unidentified Device" that should be highlighted in the list by a yellow icon.
  5. Select "Driver" and click on "Update Driver".
  6. Browse my computer for driver.
  7. Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
  8. Windows Common Controller Window Class
  9. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
  10. Update Driver Warning
  11. Click "Yes".

If the issue persists, contact our Online Chat Support for an RMA.

Does the Razer Sabertooth support microphones that connect to the controller?

The Razer Sabertooth has a standard 2.5mm microphone jack. Any microphone with a new 2.5 connectivity can connect. For optimal gameplay experience, we recommend using the Razer Chimaera 5.1 Wireless Headset for Xbox 360.

Will the Microsoft Chat Pad work with the Razer Sabertooth?

No, the ergonomic form of the Razer Sabertooth does not fit the Chat pad. Microphones with standard 2.5mm jacks are compatible.

How do I clean my Razer controller?

We cannot say with certainty what type of dirt and debris may be on your product, or how certain cleaning products may react with it, but we have had good luck cleaning Razer products using commonly available monitor cleaning wipes.

To clean the body of your Razer controller please take a monitor wipe and use gentle wiping motions. Do not scrub the surface of your Razer controller.

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