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What is the Razer Hydra?

The Razer Hydra is the world's first PC gaming-grade, motion-sensing controller for the PC. It lets you immerse yourself directly into games by mirroring your every movement exactly in the game. This allows for a whole new level of interaction within virtual environments.

Will the magnetic field of the Razer Hydra affect objects in its vicinity?

The Razer Hydra uses a magnetic field that is 20 times weaker than the Earth's natural magnetic field; thus, allowing it to operate without adversely affecting objects in its surroundings (e.g. credit cards, hard disk drives, and speakers).

Can I buy Razer Hydra controllers separately?

No. The Razer Hydra is only sold as a set of two controllers together with a base station.

Does the Razer Hydra only work on the PC?

Yes. The Razer Hydra was developed specifically for the PC.

Will there be a wireless version of the Razer Hydra released in the future?

No plans yet, but we wouldn't rule that out.

How many players can play with the Razer Hydra simultaneously?

One player can use a controller in each hand. For some games, two players will be able to play with one controller each.

How does the Razer Hydra work?

The Razer Hydra is powered by Sixense, using an advanced low latency, high precision magnetic motion sensing technology. The Razer Hydra's compact base station computes the exact location and orientation of controllers in your hands, down to a millimeter and degree, for maximum precision.

Can I customize movements and button mapping on the Razer Hydra?

Yes, you can in the near future. The upcoming release of the Razer Hydra's configuration software will allow you to customize configurations for specific programs to your liking.

What are some of the games available that support the Razer Hydra?

The Razer Hydra also comes bundled exclusively with Portal 2, a sequel to Valve's critically acclaimed Game of the Year. Apart from Portal 2, with the Sixense MotionCreator, the Razer Hydra is also compatible with over 125 popular PC games right out of the box.

Who are you guys working with to develop the Razer Hydra?

The Razer Hydra was developed in collaboration with Sixense Entertainment.

Will future games support the Razer Hydra?

Downloadable game configurations will be available for future game titles. Moreover, you can configure motion mapping to your own specifications essentially allowing the Razer Hydra and you to play virtually any game.

Will objects that emit their own magnetic fields affect the performance of the Razer Hydra?

Objects that emit their own magnetic fields, such as some CRT televisions, might have the potential to cause interference between the controllers and the base station. Also, using two Razer Hydra base units side by side will affect its performance. If you experience jitter while using the Razer Hydra, you might be out of the optimum detection range. Ensure that you are not operating the Razer Hydra within any strong magnetic fields.

What is the optimum detection range of the Razer Hydra? Does it require a line of sight to operate?

The Razer Hydra is designed to be used in the usual seated environment, where you are in front of your PC. It does not require a line of sight to operate and has an optimum detection range of 2-3 feet radius around the base station.

Can two or more Razer Hydras be connected to the same PC?

Only one Razer Hydra can be used on the same PC at a time.

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