If you experience issues with the fingerprint sensor on your Razer Phone, you can perform the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the problem.

Note: Before you proceed, please ensure that your Razer Phone is updated.

  1. If the Razer Phone is not detecting your fingerprint, please ensure that
    • The fingerprint that you set is clean and clear of any dirt and oils.
    • The sensor is clean, you may use a microfiber cloth to make sure there are no smudges that may be causing the error.
  2. If the sensor is still not working, please use the backup unlock method you have previously set to unlock your phone.

NOTE: If you can no longer remember your backup unlock method please refer to Razer Phone - Forgot security lock code.

  1. Once you have the phone unlocked, please assign a new fingerprint lock.
  2. If the Razer Phone fingerprint sensor does not work while assigning a new fingerprint lock, please perform a hard reboot.
  3. After the reboot, access the phone again and attempt to assign a new fingerprint lock.
  4. If the issue persists, backup your phone data and perform a factory data reset.