If you cannot access the Razer Phone because of a security lock on your Password, numeric password, lock pattern, etc., select one of the two methods below to recover your phone.

Important Note: All methods will erase data from your phone.

  • If your phone is linked to your Google account click here. (preferred and easiest method)
  • If you enabled Secure Startup, click here.

Erase data via Android Find

If the user has linked the phone to a google account, he/she can then recover the phone by doing an erase from his/her computer. Please note an erase will cause all data to be permanently erased from the phone when you do this.

  1. Please visit https://www.google.com/android/find and log in using the Google account linked to the Razer Phone.
  2. Select the Razer Phone and then choose "ERASE DEVICE".

  1. Confirm the action by clicking the "ERASE DEVICE" button.

  1. You will be asked to sign-in again to proceed.
  2. When prompted, click "Erase" to proceed. Once confirmed, the Razer Phone will reset to factory settings.

Reset via Secure Startup

  1. The user will have 20 attempts to recover the password.
  2. There is a lock-out period of 30 seconds after 5 initial failed attempts.
  3. After the 21st attempt, the user will be warned with a message that the device will be reset after 9 more failed attempts and will revert to out of box factory settings. (Must enter all 4 digits to be qualified as an attempt)