The Razer Raion is the newest gaming controller perfect for fighting game fans. With a 6 face Mechanical Switches, and a Mecha-Tactile 8-way D-pad, the Razer Raion is a top-tier pick that oozes arcade feel and is optimized to give you the control and execution you need to thrive in the fighting game community.

Key Features

  • 8-way Razer Mecha-Tactile D-pad
  • 6 Face Razer Mechanical Switch pushbuttons
  • D-pad Mode Switch
  • Bumper Mode Switch
  • Mode Switch
  • 3.5mm analog audio port compatible for PS4
  • 3 m / 9.8 ft wired cable with Strain Relief

Package Contents

  • Razer Raion Fightpad for PS4
  • Important Product Information Guide

System Requirements

  • Playstation 4
  • PC (Windows 7 or higher)
  • A free USB port

Device Layout

  1. Razer Mecha-Tactile D-pad
  2. SHARE button
  3. OPTIONS button
  4. Touchpad button
  5. Status indicator
  6. PS button
  7. Mechanical Switch pushbuttons
  8. Mic mute button
  9. Volume control button
  10. D-pad mode switch (Directional Pad, Left Analog Stick, Right Analog Stick)
  11. Stereo headset port
  12. Bumper mode switch
  13. Bumpers (L1/L2/R1/R2)
  14. Mode switch

Full Technical Specifications




D-pad Mode Switch

Bumper Mode Switch

Mode Switch


No On-Board Memory


8-way Razer Mecha-Tactile D-pad

Face Razer Mechanical Switch pushbuttons


Textured Rubber Grip




Wired (USB)

Audio Port

2.5 mm Audio Port


275 g / 0.6 lbs

Approximate size

173 mm / 6.8 in (Length)

103 mm / 4.0 in (Width)

58 mm / 2.3 in (Height)


3 m cable