There may be instances where the Razer Phone camera fails to work properly. You may receive an error message such as “Cannot connect to camera”, or the screen remains blank.

This issue may indicate that the Razer Phone camera has a problem with either its software or hardware parts. The following are also potential reasons why the camera is not working:

  • Low device storage
  • Low RAM
  • Slow device performance due to numerous applications
  • Software or technical glitch

To resolve this issue:

  1. Ensure that there are no obstructions such as phone covers and screen protectors on the camera. Do this for both the front and back cameras.

  2. Check if you are running the latest software for the device and perform a software update. Make sure that the "Razer Camera 2" application is updated.

  3. If an error message shows up telling you that the memory is full, you will have to clear up some storage space by deleting unused files, apps, images, or videos.

  4. If the camera does not completely work, shows a blank screen, or does not work at all, force close the app to reboot the camera.

    1. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications. 

    2. Tap on "Camera". 

    3. Reset the Camera app by tapping on "FORCE STOP". 

    4. Launch the Camera app again to see if the issue persists.

  5. If the issue persists, consider doing a factory reset.

    1. Before resetting your phone, first backup your data to Google Drive. Go to Settings > System. 

    2. Tap on “Advanced”. 

    3. Tap on “Backup”. 

    4. Toggle “Backup up to Google Drive” option on. 

    5. To reset your phone, go back to Settings > System > Advanced. Tap on “Reset Options”. 

    6. Tap on “Erase all data (factory reset)”. 

    7. On the next window, tap “RESET PHONE”.