With its 4000 mAh battery pack, the Razer Phones will allow you to play your favorite games longer than most other handsets in the premium class. However, actual battery performance will still vary with every user.
If you are experiencing uncharacteristically poor battery performance, you may want to check with the following:

  1. Brightness Settings – Consider lowering your brightness settings to prolong battery life. 
  2. Wireless Connectivity – Turning on Wi-Fi, Data Connection, or Bluetooth consumes extra battery. Using these in places with the weak signal will also take a hit on the battery life as the phone spends more power in keeping the signal stable. Turn these off when not needed to conserve battery.
  3. Apps with auto-sync – Apps that auto-sync information such as GPS trackers, social media apps, weather widgets, and newsreaders will also consume more battery as they also use wireless connectivity. 
  4. Extreme Temperatures – Exposing the phone to extreme hot or cold temperatures are generally not good for Lithium-Ion batteries and may degrade the battery life.  
  5. Using the Max Refresh Setting – The Max refresh rate can be adjusted globally by going to Settings > Display > Refresh Rate, or individually for each game via Cortex.
  6. Display Resolution – The Razer Phones’ display resolution is set to 1440p out of the box but can be adjusted down to 1080p or even 720p in Settings > Display > Advanced > Display Resolution. 
  7. Dolby Atmos – While using considerably less power than the display, using Dolby Atmos may also consume more battery. Consider disabling this option to prolong your battery life. 

You may also opt to turn on the Battery Saver within Settings to conserve battery life even more. 

For Android 9 (Pie)

  1. Go to Settings > Battery.

  2. Tap “Battery Saver”.

  3. Tap the “TURN ON NOW” button to immediately activate the battery saving feature.

  4. Alternatively, you can set it to automatic by toggling on the “Turn on automatically” switch. Then, adjust the slider to which percentage you want the Battery Saver mode to activate.