There are two common types of noise that a phone charger emits: hum or whine, and buzz or scratch. A hum or whine, also known as “coil whine”, is emitted by an electronic part vibrating as power runs through which generally cannot be get rid of. Meanwhile, a buzzing sound is caused by a defective or failing capacitor which is a potential fire hazard.

While possibly irritating, a coil whine is harmless. However, you may opt to replace it if you are really bothered by it.

To replace the Razer Phone charger, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that the noise is really coming from the charger by plugging it into other power outlets.
    • If the noise does not occur when plugged into another power outlet, then it is the faulty power outlet emitting the sound, have it repaired by an electrical professional. 
  2. Once confirmed that the noise is coming from the charger, contact Razer Support to process the replacement.